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Protestant Reformation

created for my 10th grade World History II classes

Alissa McCullough

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation 1517 1529-1555 Friar Johann Tetzel was raising money to rebuild the St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

How so? By selling indulgences.... An indulgence was a pardon which released a sinner from performing the penalty that a priest imposed for sins.

Indulgences were not supposed to affect God's right to judge, but priests like Tetzel gave people the impression that by buying indulgences, they could buy their way into heaven. In response - Luther wrote 95 Theses and posted these statements on the door of the castle church in Wittenburg and invited scholars to debate him. Someone copied Luther's words and
took them to a printer... 1520 Luther's ideas spread across ... EUROPE 1. All people need are faith in God's forgiveness to get to heaven
2. Church teachings should strictly be based on the Bible
3. All people with faith are equal. You don't need priests to interpret the Bible. i hate you luther!! Pope Leo X excommunicates Luther....

Luther responds by throwing his decree into a bonfire. i don't care Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V summoned Luther and put him on trial.

The Edict of Worms - Luther is a heratic I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my concience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. I cannot do otherwise, here I stand, may God help me. Amen. 1522 by 1522 - Luther and his followers had become a separate religious group, called... LUTHERANS 1524 The Peasants' Revolt were inspired by reformers' talk of Christian freedom, and demanded an end to serfdom! RAGHGHRHR Went about the countryside raiding monasteries, pillaging, and burning Germany at WAR Some Princes agree Some don't but support Luther anyway Some remain faithful to Catholic Church known as
PROTESTANTS Charles V wins but even so no one would come back to Catholic Church. PEACE OF AUGSBURG All Protestant and Catholic princes met and agreed that each ruler would decide the religion of his state. 1527 Germany England Henry VIII wants a divorce so he can make miniature Henrys 1529 Reformation Parliament 1534 The Act of SUPREMACY 1558 ELIZABETH GIVE ME AN ANNULMENT! NO!! HENRY! I can give you LOTS of sons! take THAT Catholic
Church! set of laws that ended the pope's power in England

divorced Catherine & married Anne in 1533 called people to take an oath recognizing the divorce and
accepting HENRY, not the pope, as the official head of England's Church.

... anyone who refused
got their head choped off :(

also appropriated land & money of the Church in England Anne of Cleves Catherine
Howard Edward Jane Seymour Mary Elizabeth 1st wife (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Catherine of Aragon devout catholic
aunt of Charles V daughter of Catherine & Henry devout Catholic like her mother Anne Boleyn 2nd wife
very manipulative
beheaded for treason after 3 yrs of marriage protestant like her father becomes queen after Mary dies in 1558 finally gives him a son
dies right after child birth becomes king at 9 yrs old
died at 15 yrs old Henry was horrified when he met her because he thought she was ugly.
He set her up in a fancy castle but had the marriage annuled big flirt, has affairs and gets her head chopped off Catherine
Parr outlived Henry
Edward takes over in his death The Tudors restores Church of England (or Anglican Church) with her as its head

combines pieces of Catholic and Protestant practices as a compromise

TOLERANT OF DISSENTERS 1533-1605 Causes Social Political Religious The Renaissance values of humanism and secularism led people to questions the Church

The printing press helped to spread ideas critical of the Church powerful monarchs challenged the Church as the supreme power in Europe
many leaders viewed the pope as a foreign ruler and challenged his authority Economic European princes and kings were jealous of the Church's wealth

Merchants and others resented having to pay taxes to the church some Church leaders had become worldly and corrupt

Many people found Church practices such as the sale of indulgences unnacceptable arly reformers late 1300s John Wycliffe church is corrupt! Christians should listen to the Bible, not the Church my followers and I translated the first English Bible I helped spread ideas across Europe & influenced other reformers Jan Huss VERNACULAR! no more INDULGENCES! you're too rich! is it hot in here? John Calvin gives order to Protestantism Institutes of the Christian Religion PREDESTINATION Calvinism THEOCRACY Huguenots in France **Most Protestant churches trace their roots to Calvinism today 1536 Catholic Reformation Council of Trent Society of Jesus (Jesuits) the Inquisition Effects Social & Religious Political Protestant churches flourish & new denominations develop
eventual growth of religious tolerance
growth of secularism/individualism
Catholic Church more unified less power for the Catholic Church
more power for the monarchs
division leads to WAR (30 YEARS WAR)
groundwork for Enlightenment
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