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Brock Bergstedt

on 27 July 2016

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I will be focusing on a second grade science standard for this unit. Specifically, I will be looking at the states of matter and how they differ. This will be a simple intro into what matter is and how we can identify differences so that we can classify objects and materials by physical characteristics.
These lessons will take place in my second grade classroom. I will spend approximately 20 minutes each of the five days for this unit. My classroom technology consists of one teacher computer, a document camera, a projector and an iPad.
I will be accumulating resources for this unit using Pinterest. I use Pinterest to locate effective anchor charts, videos, and activities. This is a great tool because of the amount of resources that can be found. Hundreds of teachers have taught this exact subject and are willing to share! Pinterest allows this to happen.
Screecast O Matic
My audience will consist of between 25 and 30 second grade students in a self-contained classroom. My students will have unique needs as well as strengths.
My students will vary in academic levels as well as technology experience. Levels range from as low as kindergarten level to as high as fourth grade level. Most students have access to the internet at home, but mainly with the use of a smart phone.
I will be presenting my information throughout the unit on a Prezi presentation that will be created prior to teaching. It will act as a guide for the entire unit. A Prezi presentation is a great tool to use to captivate and engage my students. It is a great way to organize my information. On the first day we will discuss what matter is. We will define matter as a class. I will use anchor charts to help students visualize the concept of matter and atoms.
We will continue to use Prezi as our guide as we look at the three states of matter. After identifying the three states, we will discuss how the atoms are dispersed differently among the states. We will do an activity found on Pinterest with Cheerios to represent how atoms are dispersed among the different states of matter. Pinterest was a great tool because this activity was found there and had free printables and teacher tips on delivering the lesson.
Prior to teaching this lesson I will have collected photos on Flickr of examples of the three states of matter. As a class we will sort these photos into solids, liquids, and gasses. Flickr is a great place to find high quality photos. I could adjust my search to find photos that have the appropriate regulations needed for use. These images are important because the provide my students with real world examples.
Prior to teaching this lesson I will create a screencast on how to use several websites my students will be exploring. A screencast is a great way to show someone how to navigate or use a website. It provides the viewer with visual directions and I still have the option to pause if students have questions. I can also make my screencast available for my students to watch independently when we are in the lab working. My students will go to the computer lab where they will have the opportunity to explore these sites. The sites contain games and videos that dive deeper into matter.
Now that my students have a solid understanding of what matter is and its three different states, it is time for them to represent what they have learned. I will have them work in groups to create a visual representation of the three different states using only their bodies. This will be an interpretative dance demonstration. (My students have LOVED these in the past.) After they have a plan I will record each group's presentation on the iPad using WeVideo. This tool is great because it is user friendly and has many editing options. My students are highly motivated by technology and love to be filmed. When all groups are finished we can compile them into one video and have a viewing party. This eliminates stage anxiety for my second graders.
By Brock Bergstedt
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