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Copy of 5 Themes of geography of Thailand

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tejas pal

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of 5 Themes of geography of Thailand

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Relative Location Thailand is in South-East Asia, north of Malaysia, west of Laos and Cambodia and south-east of Myanmar and south of china It is in the northern hemisphere. Near the Andaman sea and near the gulf of Thailand. Absolute location of Thailand . Between 15° 00' North latitude and 100° 00' East longitude Places Physical features: Mekong River, chao phraya river the Khorat Plateau, the Central Plain, the Southern Peninsula, the malay peninsula the songkla lake and the chi river. Animals in Thailand that are important: are dogs ,elephants ,snakes ,tigers and buffaloes. The main plants in Thailand are jasmine , hibiscus , desert rose and ixora. Human features: the Population is 69,518,555 More than 90 percent of people are Buddhists. Thailand has a warm, tropical climate and has monsoon, with a rainy season from June to October and a dry season the rest of the year. Temperatures average 75 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit(23 Celsius- 33 Celsius) , with the highest temperatures from March to May and the lowest in December and January. 5 Themes of Geography of Thailand. Human Characteristics and how climate impacts on people:
Thais have dark brown skin, black hair . It differs in different region .For example in north of Thailand the people have fair skin ,in the east people look same as the Cambodians. In the southern and the eastern part of Thailand the people usually have dark brown skin to tolerate sun . In the northern part of Thailand it is usually cold so people have fair skin and they can't tolerate sun Human and Enviroment interaction Good ways :
People recycle in Thailand such a plastic bottles , cans etc .In the east and the south of Thailand it is green and clean . Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice . Thailand is improving its canals and water systems after the flood . Bad ways :
People in Thailand burn garbage and pollute the air. Also the
Industries , power plants and vehicles pollute the air . Deforestation
and killing animals have a great impact on the environment . Movement Thailand has adopted many types of clothes , different kinds of food , their religion and etc. Religion in Thailand is Buddhism and it is adopted from India . Silk is used in many clothes in Thailand and it is adopted from China and India. Most of the people who live in Thailand are Thai and Chinese people . In Thailand noodles is the most important food and it is adopted from China. China town in Thailand is huge and it is very old too. The Chinese settlers were moved to Yoawarat by king Rama 1 and now it is the Chinatown. Region Northern Thailand :It is cold in the north of Thailand. The food the people eat are similar to the Burmese food ,and the people prefer to eat sticky rice . The way of dancing is slower than the south of Thailand . Some of their festivals are : Flower Festival , loi Krathong etc. North East :The food is similar to Laos type of food. They have spices with meat, flavored with chili and lime for example Som Tam etc . This region has lots of flood and lies on the Khorat Plateau. Some of their festivals are : Bun Bangfai, Phi Tha Kon etc. Central :The central part of Thailand is also known for the rice bowl of Asia. In this region Bangkok is located. This region has all types of food of Thailand, for example : Tom Yum Kung, Som tam etc . Some of the festivals are : Royal Thai Ploughing etc. South : In the south of Thailand most of the people are Muslims . The southern part of Thailand is located on the Malay peninsula . People eat food with a lot of Indian spices .Some festivals are : The boat race , The Phuket King's Cup Regatta. East:This region of Thailand is less mountainous and people grow lots of fruits over here. In this region there are lots of tourists attraction. Some festivals are : Pattaya festival , Fruit fair etc. West :This region borders Burma, and this place is very mountainous . This place also has lots of forest and has lots of natural resources . Some of their festivals are: Rever Kwai etc. Thank you
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