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stephanie Powell

on 11 January 2010

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Shakespeare Elizabethan Era-Education! At about age 6 children different genders started to go seperate ways, boys were taught the skills and knowledge needed for there different social classes, and girls were taught the world of women. Education was based on religion and what the king or queen of each time period believed in.
Only some children attended petty schools. The ones who did attend were mostly boys, girls rarely attended petty schools.
Petty schools required a small fee, therefore it only the richer kids were able to attend.
Petty schools taught reading and writing and basic math. But mostly petty schools were taught religous learnings. Petty Schools
Boys attended grammer
schools from the age of 7-14.
Grammer schools were
run by roman catholic churches.
The children were taught to speak
only latin at school.
The christian doctrine was used
alot in these schools.
Children of noble families did not go to school, instead they were taught by tutors at home. The children that were taught by tutors were taught the same thing as grammer school students. Grammer Schools!

William Shakespeare's Education
William Shakespeare attenedded King Edward IV Grammer School. He receiced a free education because of his fathers position in the society.
William was withdrawn from school at the age of fourteen in 1578 because his father was having financial problems.

Interesting Facts!
Children would be expected to learn by heart certain passages at the Elizabethan Petty School which related to being a 'good Christian' as part of their education
Kids then spent at least double the amount of hours kids now aday spend at school!!!
Discipline was that teachers had the free will to beat boys.
Some 20% of men and 5% of women were literate at the time of Elizabeths accession;by 1600 literacy may have risen to 30% men and 10% for women.
!Children of noble families were given the opportunity to study law in London's Inns of Courts, so that they could prepare to become lawyers!

!A typical week!
A typical week at King Edward IV School for William Shakespeare would consist of an exams on the previous Sunday’s sermon on Monday, the basic curriculum would be taught on Tuesday through Thursday. Exams over the curriculum would be on Friday and Saturday. Fridays were the worst day not only were exams held on this day but punishments were always carried out on Friday!
Elizabethan Era-Education Stephanie Powell
English 1
January 9, 2010
Mrs. Reeves William Shakespeare; by John Taylor
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