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Life Cycle of a Ballpoint Pen

The life cycle of a ballpoint pen.

Adam Moore

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of Life Cycle of a Ballpoint Pen

Life Cycle of a Ballpoint Pen
Raise and Extract
Plastic, copper, zinc, and other metals and gases are most of the raw materials used to make a Ballpoint Pen.
Copper and zinc are melted together to make Brass. The brass is then formed into the shapes needed for the manufacturing of the pen.
Different pens are made in different ways depending on the company, but the basic steps are ink compounding, metal component formation, plastic component molding, peice assembly, packaging, labeling, and shipping.
The main use of pens are for writing stories, poetry, songs, and many other things including notes and reminders.
Ballpoint pens are usually thrown in the trash and end up in landfills. Recycling/reusing is always an option
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