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Middle Leadership

No description

Peter Etchingham

on 16 January 2017

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Transcript of Middle Leadership

Middle Leadership

To reflect on the role of middle leaders
To consider wildly important goals
To reflect on team building
To consider aspects of effective leadership
To plan next steps

Creating and Defining
Teaching and Learning
What should a middle leader do?
Focus on teaching and learning
Generate positive relationships
Provide a clear vision and high expectaions
Improve the environment
Distribute leadership: build teams
Provide time and opportunities for collaboration
Engage the community
Evaluate/Monitor and innovate
What should a middle leader do?
What would have to happen for
students to achieve significantly above their expected progress in your subject area/year group?
List at least 8 things and rate them 1-10 where 10 = most control and 1 = least control
Which are everyday, which are long term?
Which are departmental, which are whole school?
What can be done departmentally to move towards achieving that 'blue sky' goal?
Positive relationships/Building a team
As you watch, think about what we can learn from this in our work...

high stakes + low skill/confidence = inertia
high stakes + low confidence in staff = micromanagement = no innovation, no risk (HoD becomes Head of Answers)
risks with controls - keep a sharp eye on the objectives
our challenge is for all staff to be incentivised (motivated by?) and highly skilled
delegation is essential to build trust
More thoughts...

Shared experience
Common language
Prototyping (planning and trialling)
Facilitation - making it happen
What makes a great leader?
Think about the three questions that Rosalinde Torres poses. Again, how might they translate into our field of work?
Relevant questions...

Where are you looking to anticipate change? (Your calendar?)
What is your capacity for building relationships with people who might be very different from you?
Are you courageous enough to abandon the past? (a previously successful practice / a previously damaged relationship / a much loved, but stale resource etc. )
What keeps students motivated in the classroom?
Have a read through your given text and summarise the key message
Meaning derived from perceived need and relevant content
Positive social bonding
Low stress/High challenge
Control over learning
Distinctive thematic 'real world' immersion learning environments
A risk-free, playful and safe learning climate
What next?
Three things...
This session we've covered...
Moral Purpose
Building Teams and
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