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Essay Formatting

No description

Ericka Kent

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Essay Formatting

Formatting an Essay
Learning Objectives
Components of an effective introductory paragraph
Components of eloquent body paragraphs
Components of a satisfactory conclusion paragraph
Conclusion Paragraph
Components of an introduction paragraph:
Attention Grabber
Components of effective body paragraphs:
Transitional topic sentence
Closing Sentence
Components of a satisfactory conclusion paragraph:
Review main points
Reiterate thesis
Make connection with reader
Introduction Paragraph
1. Rephrase thesis
Remind your reader what your main point/argument is.
2. Reiterate main points
Revisit main points from body paragraphs
Analyze evidence in unique way, try not to simply summarize
After reiterating your thesis make a connection to your reader. Why should they care? Why is this issue/argument relevant to them?
3. Make it Relevant
1. Hook
The first sentence(s) in your introduction function as the attention grabber.
Some ideas for attention grabbers: question, shocking statistic (factual), short story, song lyrics.
2. Transition/ background context
The next group of sentences where students will transition into his/her thesis statement. Provide a few sentences of background/contextual information related to subject matter; provides a short introduction to topic.
See detailed information in Thesis Prezi
Body Paragraphs
1. Topic Sentence
2. Evidence/analysis
Closing Sentence
2:1 ratio for evidence. For every in-text citation students must include two sentences of of description and analysis. The first sentence shoul describe the citation and the second sentence should make connection to student's overall point/argument.
Topic sentence is the first sentence in each body paragraph.
It should include a transition (see transitional words and phrases doc).
The function of the topic sentence is similar to thesis sentence; it should be a road map for each body paragraph.
Topic sentences are ALWAYS students writing; students should never begin paragraph with citation.
The last sentence in each body paragraph is the closing sentence (CS).
This should conclude the main point of the body paragraph.
CS should transition into the next paragraph.
Body Paragraphs DO NOT end with citation.
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