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The (Found) Lost City!

No description

Antonio Tellez

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of The (Found) Lost City!

Elegant Vases
We have also discovered ancient vases that were used to hold liquids! The vases were built very professional with advanced technology for people who lived thousands of years ago.
These artifacts are called quipus (translated in English) seem to be used as recording devices for the storage of food and drinks! This means that these people communicated with each other and understood the basics of mathematics.
The ancient civilization seems to have used wells for farming and for personal uses. This shows that they were agricultural people that used water to their advantage.
These people seemed to use various types of coins to use as money! The coins were made with several materials like stone, gold, and silver. This shows that they used a money system instead of bartering.
Bow and Arrow!
These people seemed to use a primitive type of warfare and used bow and arrows to fight other tribes possibly or to hunt. This was pretty advanced since hand to hand combat was not as safe as using bow combat.
The (Found) Lost City!
We have discovered a new city that includes many different artifacts that shows us how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago!
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