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Multi-Alternative Paste - Made from 100% jack Fruit Sap

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Rj Luxe

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Multi-Alternative Paste - Made from 100% jack Fruit Sap

When you eat jack fruits; where do you throw the inedible parts?
Remember that white sap that is excreted when you slice a jack fruit?
That is why we encourage people to use the product as an effective alternative paste to be used by their will anytime and anywhere. Encouragements for further analysis and experiments of this study will be better for the importance of the product. It will be better enough to study furthermore the proportionate amount of sap from the flour and water and study the odorous smell of the product with the calamansi juice.

1. How long does it take for the effect of the paste?
The product was made from the sap of the jackfruit as its main component, mixed together with wheat flour and hot water.
It is made up from Jack Fruit
Instead of using this...
We use this...
What is it made of?
Why Jack Fruit?
In the trash can?
Instead of decomposing it, why not use it in a productive way?
How did we discover it?
It is sticky and it can also cause stain to your clothes.
For short it is adhesive.
And that is where the researchers got the idea on researching this study.
Why we recommend this?
Statement of the Problem
3. Is it productive?
4. Is the jack fruit sap a good component in making paste?
1. It takes about 8 minutes to dry and the adhesive effect will be applied.
2. It is best when used in a paper surface such as the frequently used school materials.
3. Yes, it certainly is. In fact, it was more adhesive compared to the commercial one. And so the researchers came up to an idea to make a paste out of it.
4. Yes. The jack fruit sap has the ability to stick just like an adhesive once it dry.

The sap cannot stand alone as an applicable adhesive, that's why we added a ratio of flour and hot water as an extender.
People usually buy expensive commercial pastes/adhesives. And do you know why these products cost a lot? It is because they use industrial resources as an ingredient. So why not use recycled resources? It costs less, plus it it agricultural.
2. On what object the paste is applicable?
As the researchers made an improvised/alternative paste with the use of jack fruit sap as an additive component to the mixture, there were many changes and aftereffects that happened to the paste. One of which is the color of the paste, Another thing that was observed was the stickiness of the mixture. To sum it up, there were many changes that happened after the experiment was conducted.
Results and Discussions
Research Leader: Andrew A. Supangan
Assistant Research Leader: Danielle Coleen A. Cabrido
Secretary: Sharielle Shane G. Oclarit
Documentary: Margarethe Eloise R. Manuel
Visual Aid Editor: Ralph Juneal R. Blancaflor
Adrianne John M. Jaculan
Axel Earl Boyd P. Amores
Neilson Dwayne A. Wooton
Sheidrick Vincent G. Alolino
Briton Ben K. Tenestrante

What is the Significance Of This Study?
This study has a primary objective which is to make an alternative type of paste using the jackfruit sap as an additive ingredient to enhance the quality of adhesiveness of the paste with flour and hot water considering its factor for adhesiveness to stick. This study, if successful, will then be used people to compared to the commercial ones and find out if the product is productive itself when being tested out.
What are the Scope and Limitation?
This study focused on testing the effectiveness of the alternative paste from a jackfruit. Jackfruit (hilaw) was obtained/bought from the market. The study and experiment was conducted at El Gibbor Christian Community Church.
The materials used were assigned orderly from research leader’s commands at El Gibbor Christian Community Church residence. Other materials were provided by the researchers for support and aid only, such as gloves, masks, newspapers, alcohol/sanitizers.
A stopwatch was used by the researchers in determining the curing time of the paste to dry
Review of Literature
The simplest glue is that made from a paste of flour and water. You may remember making this in kindergarten. It is easy, non-toxic and great for working with paper that needs gluing, including paper-mâché projects. Wheat paste, flour paste, Marxist glue, or simply paste is a gel or liquid adhesive made from wheat flour or starch and water.
Wheat starch paste is often used in preparation and presentation. A good wheat starch paste has strength compatible with many paper artifacts, remains reversible over time, is neither too acidic nor alkaline, and is white.
This brief background of the effectiveness of the jackfruit sap mixed together with wheat flour and water moved the researchers to investigate and find out if the study case will be successful in our experiment actions furthermore.
Here are the Materials
Small Bowl or Basin
Measuring Cup
Air-Tight Container
Water (Hot)
Wheat Flour
Jack Fruit Sap
And Here are the Procedures/Methods
The first thing the researchers did was to extract the jackfruit sap into liquid form. The researchers sliced the topmost part of the jackfruit for it has many sap inside it. Then it was poured down and put in a small cup that measures 10 ml.
The other set-up that was executed while extracting the sap of the jackfruit is to mix the wheat flour with hot water. First thing the researchers did was to mix the wheat flour (10g) into the hot water (20 ml). The mixture was stirred for around 5 minutes to make it stickier and while waiting for the jackfruit sap to be fully extracted. Afterwards, when the extraction was over, the jackfruit sap (10 ml) was mixed with the wheat flour and hot water. Calamansi was then added to the mixture to partially get rid the bad odor of the jackfruit sap. The mixture was then stirred for another 5 minutes to mix the jackfruit sap to the flour and water thoroughly. The mixture was put into an air-tight container and kept for 5 days.
Summary and Discussions
The study was a success for it was proven to be adhesive and applicable to surfaces of papers. The researchers were amazed by the study that they have conducted and found out how adhesive the sap of the jack fruit could be compared to any other saps of other fruits and how it is more adhesive than the commercial ones. Leaving the product without the calamansi juice, it would smell bad because of the bad odor of the jack fruit sap. The researchers then approve to use the product as an alternative paste to be used anytime and anywhere.
And here the researchers introduce Again,
Thank You for your Cooperation.
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