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Face Shapes

Face Shapes

hernam najran

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Face Shapes

The Diamond-shaped face has wide cheekbones and a chin that is usually narrow and pointy.

Typical characteristics:

Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and are often high and pointed
Your forehead is narrower than your cheekbones and is approximately at the same width as your jawline and chin
Your forehead may be wide but it tapers at the hairline
The chin is usually narrow and pointy
You may have a slightly fleshy or wide jawline, but it is still narrower than your cheek area
Your face is slightly longer than it is wide
Face Profiles!!

Every Face is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Face Shapes
The Face Shapes
An Oval Face Shape is considered to be the ideal facial shape for a make up artist as it need little correcting and contouring.

Typical characteristics of an Oval face shape:

Slightly wider at the mid-points of the sides (cheekbone area, right below eye level)
Your jawline is softly rounded, not too narrow yet not too wide
You have a slightly narrower jawline than at your temples
Your hairline may be slightly wider than your lower face and might resemble an inverted egg shape. This means your face shape is a mix of oval and heart.
Since your face is well-proportioned you can pull off all kinds of hairstyles and can experiment with various shapes - from different necklines to jewelry styles.
However, even though you have the perfect facial outline, there are other factors to take into consideration when styling according to your face shape. One of them being your facial features, such as your nose, chin, eyes and lips. You may have strong or delicate features.

Let's say you have an oval face with a very prominent nose. If you get a haircut with bangs you'll notice that your nose appears bigger. That's because the bangs draw the attention to your forehead and nose area.

Unlike the other face shapes you'll be able to pull off a wide variety of hairstyles and cuts. This gives you the opportunity to really work on showing off your best facial features (nose, lips, eyes, cheekbones, chin, etc.) without worrying too much about skewing your proportions.
The Square Face Shape gives an impression of strength and girl power. It's a strong face shape. Your facial shape is known to be sculpted looking which adds drama and definition to your appearance.

Typical characteristics of a Square face shape:

Your jawline is square and angular
The width of your cheekbones and forehead may be similar
The width of your jawline and forehead will be similar
Your goal is to soften the angles to give the illusion that both the forehead and the jawline appear narrower and rounded.

Angular motifs and styles should be avoided as it only adds more emphasis on your strong jawline.

You should avoid blunt haircuts, such as straight bangs and chin-length bobs as they make your face look harsh and emphasize your jawline. Side-swept bangs complement your face shape a lot better.

Typical characteristics of a Round face shape:

It is almost as wide as it is long (your cheekbones may be somewhat wide)
Your facial shape has gradual curving lines rather than hard angles
Your jawline is full and round
Your goal is to slim down your face shape and add more definition to it, which can help bring out those features. This means working on the widest and fullest parts of your face which are your cheekbones and chin. Adding length will also help making your face look slimmer and longer.

Avoid the very straight or very curly hair as it can accentuate the roundness. And never let the ends of the hair fall directly onto your jawline as it emphasizes your round face. If you have bangs let it slightly skim past your cheekbones.
The Oblong Face is similar to the Oval but it has more length and less width.

Typical characteristics of an Oblong face shape:

Your face is noticeably longer than it is wide (being more than 60% longer than it is wide)
You may have flat cheekbones
You may have a narrow mid-face and appear delicate and 'mousy'
You may have a long chin or forehead
It might look a square-rectangular but has long vertical line
It might look oval but with a long vertical line
Almost anything flat and blunt suit you well and anything that shorten your chin and forehead, and add broadness to the sides of your cheekbones.

Compared to Rounds, women with an oblong face often struggle with disguising the vertical lines, because it difficult to visually add more width than it is to slim it down.

Too much height on top and super long hair length are a no-no. Long hair can work for you but you need to work a lot on styling it in a way that makes it voluminous on the sides of your cheekbones.
A Heart-shaped face has wide cheekbones and a narrow and pointy chin.

Typical characteristics of an Heart face shape:

Forehead and hairline are wider than your lower face
Your face shape may resemble an inverted egg because of the tapered cheekbones
You may have wide cheekbones and angular jawline
Chin is pointy and somewhat prominent
You may have a dip on the your hairline
Your objective is to create an illusion of a slimmer forehead to balance out with your lower part. Working on the chin area isn’t necessary because narrowing your forehead alone will help make your chin look fuller.

Avoid too-clingy hairstyles that follow the contours of your face, mirroring the heart shape, as well as hair lengths shorter than your jaw line as they only make you look toppled.
Your objective is to create an illusion of a fuller forehead and add more width to your chin area. Disgusing your forehead with bangs or sideswept hairstyles.

A short pixie cut with bangs looks terrific on you because it emphasizes your cheekbones in a good way (without making your face look too wide). A wispy chin-length haircut adds volume in all the right places.

Avoid very short hairstyles because they accentuate your diamond face shape. Also steer away from hairstyles that add fullness at your cheeks will make your mid face wider and will look out of balance.
Has a receding forehead and chin
Have an arrangement of cuts and or bangs over the forehead while keeping style close to the head and forward to the chin area
Has a prominent forehead and a chin while other featurs recede inward
Style the hair softly at the nape with an upward motion; do not build have onto the forehead
Has a very slight curvature, neither curving outward or inward
Generally all hairstyles are flattering with a straight profile
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