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kelly b

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of scholarships

Advocating To Improve the presentation of scholarships Co UAA online Display Confusion It is quite dificult to navigate among
the UAAonline website. The names of
the scholarships are confusing and they
lack explaination of the actual scholarship
regulations. NPSAS Undergraduate Students Study
Year Average Scholarship Amount Percentage Receiving Scholarships Number of Recipients Amount of Awards
1989-1990 $1,320.70 3.2% 526,000 $695 million
1992-1993 $1,440.52 3.5% 638,974 $920 million
1995-1996 $1,560.91 3.5% 577,000 $900 million
1999-2000 $2,050.84 6.9% 1,141,000 $2.34 billion
2003-2004 $1,982.02 6.7% 1,276,000 $2.53 billion
2007-2008 $2,523.31 5.5% 1,152,300 $2.91 billion Suggestion: computer generated scholarship advisor
If Students were able to input their demographic data and have an output of different types of scholarships that would be recommended based upon the provided information.

Curious as to how the automatic scholarship award program actually works on UAAonline?
....You'll never know. My experience of FASFA
If you are under the age of 24, then your chances of obtaining this scholarship program is based upon your legal gaurdian's tax returns. The percentage of students who apply for any type of scholarship.
Of that percentage, how many students are actually rewarded.
The ratio between general merit-based scholarships opposed to needs-based or affirmitive action scholarships.
If there will be an increase of general meritbased scholarships in the future.

"Your eligibility for aid depends on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), your year in school, your enrollment status, and the cost of attendance at the school you will be attending. Your school’s financial aid office will tell you how much you can receive. "
Two Week Response:

"Approximately 17% of matriculated students
submitted a 2010/2011 scholarship application".

"Approximately 15% of the students that submitted an application will be awarded a UAA scholarship".

"UAA does not have any affirmative action scholarships. This year, about30% of our UAA scholarship will have a financial need component. Another10% have a preference for a financially needy student but does NOT require the award be made based on financial need. The rest are meritbased".

"Yes, every year UAA Foundation continues to increase the donor base and creates more scholarships, many of which are merit based".

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