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Du bon usage du numérique pour apprendre : quel accompagnement ?

Présentation groupe de travail ANVIE 17 Octobre 2012 e-learning; social learning; social media

Kristy Anamoutou

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Du bon usage du numérique pour apprendre : quel accompagnement ?

Kristy Anamoutou A propos de moi Made in 1983 1995 1ère fois que j'entends parler
d'Internet 1er Ordinateur Personnel - 2nd de la maison 1999 1st Mobile Phone Sega Dreamcast Windows Me ADSL Internet 1er compte email 1er blog 1er IRC Chatroom CBA Online Campus Manager Supporter la CBA à établir son portfolio digital
Promouvoir la culture digitale et les pratiques
Expertise dans les medias sociaux & stratégie web RH Background: réseaux sociaux, e-learning, blended-learning, droit du travail, RH Comment accompagner la formation à l'ère du numérique? Online Communication Social Media 80% of online users interact with social platform 70% of companies using social technologies 28 hours / week time spent by knowledge workers writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally User interaction User-generated content Preparing for a job interview Before 1. You take a look to the corporate website

2. Check in your contact list if someone knows BMW people and can provide you tips and insights about the company and the job position

3. Review your resumé and practice some interview dry-run with your friend/partner / coach Since 2008 1. Take a look to the Facebook page, LinkedIn Group, Youtube channel, Twitter account...

2. Check in your social network how many people are connected to this company

3. Read posts in blogs, forum about the company reputation, salary conditions, former employees comments

4. Then, if you still have time you review your resumé... "Prior to the internet, the last technology
that had any real effect on the way people sat down
talked together was the table". C. Shirky, April 24, 2003 "Training often gives people solutions to problems already solved. Collaboration addresses challenges no one has overcome before." SOCIAL LEARNING online communities
Story-telling & media sharing
intelligence collective (Collective IQ)
immersive environment
évènements IRL "Together we can be smarter and can address evermore challenging problems." http://oc.cba-eads.com Quick micro-sharing Pictures sharing Immersive environment Media sharing Alumni Event http://fastalumni2012.cba-eads.com/ Avant Aujourd'hui "What is happening online?" "People who will influence you the most in your professional life are the ones sitting next to you at the office." 3 beliefs I have... Social-era Rules 1. Connections create value
2. Power in community
3. Collaboration > control
4. Celebrate onlyness
5. Allow all talent
6. Consumers become co-creators
7. Mistakes can build trust
8. Learn. Unlearn. (Repeat.)
9. Bank on openness
10. Social purpose unleashes ownership
11. (There are no answers.) Social-era Community Membership Boundaries
Emotional safety
A sense of belonging and identification
Personal investment
A common symbol system Influence Rewarded by the participation
in the community Integration &
Fulfillment of needs Shared emotional connection Lire l'actualité business Avant Everything on one page, with mouse-over Aujourd'hui Watch a video or read an article is easy, simple and convenient. Discuter, partager, commenter Avant Aujourd'hui Interface - User Experience Avant Aujourd'hui CBA Online Campus & Fast Alumni page L'approche traditionnelle
e-learning industriel L'ère du numérique L'approche moderne
le social learning Eco-système de plateformes Offre e-learning
& Blended-learning Niveau de maturité L'approche traditionnelle l'industrialisation du e-learning
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