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Harry Potter Analysis

Marketing analysis and Trailer analysis

Becky Roulstone

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Harry Potter Analysis

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows As the films are adapted from books, the marketing has involved the books to keep the ‘hype’ of harry potter going and Warners worked with the releasing of new books to get more attention. A book would be released and then later in the month they would show trailers for the new film which would create another harry potter ‘hype’ and people began to say it was the month of Harry Potter.

I am going to look at how the Harry potter film used these areas for their marketing:
Teaser posters
Teaser trailer
Official trailer
The internet
Harry Potter world
Merchandise The Marketing: The poster that were released to show that there were Harry Potter films being made. The last harry potter film had so much to include that Warners decided to split it into two films as too many parts would have to be cut out to keep the film to around 2 hours. The poster is advertising both films as it says part one 2010 and part two 2011. It has the iconic Hogwarts castle in flames which is a striking image, plus the flames and the colour of the sky makes the image very dramatic and interesting for the audience. Having ‘It all ends here’ at the top of the poster shows that bad things are going to happen to Harry and everyone involved as we can see the destruction of the castle.
At the very bottom of the poster it has information about the cinemas and that it will be playing in both 2D and 3D. There is also a website link at the bottom to attract people to their website.
I like how the first campaign poster is so shocking and quite devastating as it automatically shows the audience how bad things are going to get as we have always known Hogwarts to be a safe place for Harry and now It is completely destroyed. Teaser Posters This was a set of posters that was released of the ‘good characters of the Harry Potter film. There are two slogans used on the poster, ‘Nowhere is safe’ and ‘Trust no one’ which gives a feeling that the characters are in big danger as they have no where that is safe- not even Hogwarts and also that they can’t trust anyone. The photographs have all been edited in the same way and have been given the blue, cold tint to the posters which shows that they are alone and the editing makes it more dramatic. Each poster has a different location around London and parts that appear in the movie. The posters at the bottom have blood splatters on them which could represent the battle that is about to happen and death. This was another set of posters that were released and these are a lot simpler than the last posters but they have a bigger impact and draw us in quicker. They have done this by using a close up shot of the characters faces and as there is nothing to distract us from the faces we really notice all the emotions. The black background and the bright lighting used creates a sharp contrast and makes us notice the images as they have a high impact. I really like how you can't see the characters necks and it appears their head is floating. This is a good source of inspiration for my poster. Official Trailer More trailers: The premier was in the UK and most of the cast and also the writer J.K Rowling came to the event. It was covered by the media, so hundreds of photographs were taken of the celebrities which raised awareness of the film and the celebrities. Fans from all over the wold come to see the stars and even other celebrities appear at the event, which adds more of a 'hype' and excitement to the event. It was featured in news articles such as The daily mail and also appeared in magazines. Although most magazines won’t actually talk about the film and will mention the clothing worn by the actors more, it still makes people aware of the film and gets it well known. It is after the premier that some people from the media get to write reviews about the film to then give the audience a general idea of what to expect. So this event is important because it will have an impact on the review and rating but with all the celebrity appearances it attracts the fans to come along and support the movie giving a good impression. The premier also allows the media to
have quick interviews with the celebrities which then lead onto
more in depth interviews after which are usually shown on TV or
appear as a special feature on the DVD. Premier A short clip of the premier. Micro Elements
Unique Selling point (USP)
Credit and Intertitles.
Institutional Reference.
Shot Types/Camera Angles
Mise en scene.

Macro Elements
(Target) Audience Analysing the trailer: There are hundreds of Harry Potter themed things that you can buy, from costumes to toy brooms and glasses, objects from the films and even harry potter themed Lego. The official Warners brother products can be found online. Warner Brothers did not have toys made for McDonalds meals like many cartoon films do, instead they make toys with Lego. Merchandise: Website for Harry Potter world in Orlando, America.
This is a theme park area that has been created by Warner Brothers to give fans a chance to see behind the scenes of harry potter to get more of a feel of how it was made and the props/costumes used. They have re created scenes such as Hogsmeade so the audience can feel like they are in the world of Harry Potter and enjoy the efforts that went into making the films.
I have recently visited Orlando studios and the Harry Potter area is very detailed and is a great experience for any fans, you can buy wands, butter beer and evenhogwarts school uniform

Website for UK Harry Potter world, London tour:
UK in 2012 is different to the American one as it’s not a theme park and it is based on having a tour around sets, getting to know secrets about the filming and getting an experience of the sets and props. Harry Potter World: I have found an article on the Guardian website which talks about a new harry potter wold being opened in Japan. This shows how Harry Potter is international and loved around the world, so they must use marketing techniques for all of their audiences around the world. Building more Harry Potter world will make it easier for people in Asia to go visit instead of having to go to America or England. The article also reveals that there is another Harry Potter world under construction and will open in 2016 in California. Having more than 1 harry potter world shows how popular the film has become and how it is internationally recognized.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/may/10/harry-potter-theme-park-japan New Harry Potter world: This is the official trailer for the Harry Potter film, as there have been so many trailers created I did some research and I have found that this is the teaser trailer that was shown in the cinema.
Later in the presentation I will analyse this video. There were lots of film trailers made for the film and all are slightly different as to what they show, but they all have a similar editing as they all have titles appear between some of the clips at similar time with the same cloud background. This Harry Potter film is different to the previous six as this last seventh film has been split into two separate movies as too much happens in the book to fit into a two hour film. Harry must race against time to destroy the horcruxes to then defeat Lord Voldermort. On his travels to find the Horcruxes he comes across some of the most powerful objects; The Deathly Hallows.

Director: David Yates
Writer: Novel; J.K.Rowling and Screenplay, Steve Kloves. Sound including: Music (Soundtrack)/Voiceover/Dialogue/Sound Effects Sound:
Editing including: Pace, Special Effects, Transitions, Shot-Reverse-Shot, Match on action Editing:
Shot Types/Camera Angles and Movement Camera Angels The main characters (Harry, Ron and Hermiony) are dressed so they look like normal people and this helps make them look more normal and relateable rather than in capes and unifourm. THe evil characters wear black and this conntes that they are the bad guys in the film.

To make the character look magical they all have similar props such as their wand which shoots out colourful burts so the audience can tell when a spell in being cast. Mise-en Scene
lighting, costume, props, location, make-up, hair At the beginning of the trailer this image on the right appears which shows what ages are suitable for watching this specific film. This is decided by the Motion Picture Association of america, and they have put two links at the bottom for viewers if they wish to find out any information. Credit and intertitles I think that this film's USP is its popularity all over the world. The story of Harry Potter is unique as it was the first to really explore a fantasy world and it has been unique from the very first book. Other films have tried to take on the magic of Harry Potter but nothing has compaired to Harry Potter as this film has influenced a generation and many children have grown up with Harry Potter going through the challenges him and his friends go through which builds up a relationship with the characters.

The trailers USP is that this is the Finale and that they are telling the audience from the shots used in the trailer that this is going to be a big dramatic movie that will blow the audience away. As technology has advanced this has really helped this film be it's best as the 'magic' is even better as technology has allowed film makers to push the boundries and make films even better. USP The genre of this film is Fantasy as the story is set in a fantasy world that is very differnt to the world we live in. Also one of the main features of this fantasy world is that there is magic and lots of fun which fits into the fantasy genre as magic isn't real but this world appeals to the younger audiences imagination. This film does have a lot of action in it as it is the big finale between Harry and the evil character Voldermort, but as this film is aimed
at a wide audence from children to adults not
all of it can be really violent and gory, so the
main genre of this film is fantasy but does
feature lots of action scenes. Micro elements:
Genre The film has a classic narrative of good vs. evil, but the Harry potter films is more complex as this film relies on the audience knowing previous information from the other 6 films. For this specific film there are some big events that happen such as the fight between Harry and Voldemort and the trailer shows some action scenes of this fight which make the audience think who will survive it? Also there is the story of the Horcrux, we see a shot of Ron trying to destroy one and this makes the audience think if he does destroy it and what happens next? The trailer shows the adventure of finding the horcrux and on this journey the love, tragedy and also the dangers the characters face. The trailer is quite a teaser trailer as it shows important parts of the film but leaves them at a clifhanger as leaves the audience in suspense with a lot of unanswered question. Narrative Target Audience Representation Sound is one of the most important parts to a trailer because it is most likely to be the first thing that grabs our attention. For this trailer the sound starts off quietly and sounds like a gust of wind which then changes into a sound of women singing quite high pitched to give a serious and creepy feeling to the trailer. In the trailer there are lots of different characters talking and they say key, interesting parts to the film which are sort of teasing the audience as it gives things away but makes us want to know more. When someone says 'No sign of him lord' the music changes to a more magical twinkly sound by using chime and string instruments. The music the.n turns darker as another string instrument is played (a chello possibly) and also drums which indicate that the mood is about to change and something bad is going to happen in the film. The sound switches between the dark sound and the magical sound as the trailer shows When you hear Voldermort (the evil character) say 'The boy who lives, come to die' The music turns darker once again and we hear a scream of 'Harry' and the music intensifies for a second. To add to the tension more instruments are added to make the sound more dynamic plus more dialogue is added such as 'you have no family'. The music continues to crescendo until someone says 'surely they don't stand a chance' and then the music changes to a
calm twinkle again but it is the iconic magical sound that appears
in all the Harry Potter films which draws the trailer to a calm close. At the start of the trailer there is a long shot of the lake by Hogwarts which sets the scene and shows a familiar area for viewers. The shots at the beginning are all long shots and there is a slow pace, it then changes to a shot reverse between Voldermort and Harry. The shot reverse shot creates quite an intimate scene as you can feel the tension between them and get to see an important part of the conversation. When analysing a trailer
you should look at... Then during the trailer these other intertitles appear, the first shows the Warner Brothers logo which shows what film company produced this film. Then between shots from the Harry Potter film intertitles come up with writing such as 'The finale of the worldwide phenomenon' which is meant to draw in more people as it makes the film more interesting and makes it a major event. Then at the end of the trailer the intertitles show where you can see the film and specifies that it is in 3D and also 2D. Warner brothers can also advertise the website address and the partners logos that helped make the film. There are quite a few special effects used in Harry Potter, as the world is ment to be magical the film makers had to make magic look realistic. In the trailer spells are used a lot and the wand produced bright sparks of light when a spell is cast and this makes the fights look more dramatic and fun. Another special effect is the dragon and odd characters in the film as they have been designed on the computer or actors have been edited to make them look stange and magical. The pace of the trailer starts out very slow and its an intense feeling, but once the action begins to happen the pace quickens and the clips match the pace and the sound as they quicken too.
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