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Lede Program

No description


on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Lede Program

Title of Project
This is where I got it
This is how much
Here's another data source
This is how they link up
EDA on my data
Some stuff was missing
Other stuff was bad
Here's a histogram
I had to make two new dataframes
Model / Algorithm
I noticed a pattern or I had a theory
I decided to test it out with data
I used algorithm A and got this
I also tried algorithm B
Here's a picture showing the result in a baby example
(I summarized my findings with this or these awesome maps/ visuals/ interactive)
I also have this screenshot of my narrative, with a link
As well as a screenshot of my ipython notebook, which is heavily annotated. And a link.
Further Questions
There were a bunch of things I didn't get to, here are a few.
Here's what I learned doing this.
Here's what I was surprised by.
Here's what I'm proud of.
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