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Beliefs christians have on Death


Patrick Smithgee

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Beliefs christians have on Death

Beliefs christians have on DEATH The main character in this story is a 28 year old man called Franki. Franki is a practicing christian. (In this religion they believe that god mad suffuring to test humans. If they pass and live a good life. Then they will go to heaven when they die. But if they are bad and live an immoral life, then when they die they'll go to hell and suffer forever)he is a very dangerouse man. He is a member of the Chicago Mob. His favorite thing to do is pay off dirty cops. Franki died a very gruesome death. He shot an innocent person because he gave him a dirty look. Once the Dean found out he was very unhappy. so The mob shot Franki in the knee caps with 9mm rouger. Here are 2 versions of what happend 2 him The FAMILY Big BOYZ DIRTY money Franki Then they let the dogs do the dirty work You can probly tell that Franki dident make it to heaven. In fact he went the exact opposiet Heres another version Franki was doing a routine sweep of the streets. You know making sure no new gangs where popping up. Mafi stuff But somthing was very wrong. There was a car driving real slow, and blasting music. Franki already knew what was going to happen, a drive by. Usually Fanki wouldent care. But there was a problem. There where little kids crossing the street. So he ran over, grabed the kids and took them to safty. Franki was caught in the cross fire, although the kids where safe, Franki dident make it. This was the first time Franki thought about somebody besides himself. Even though he was a mobster and part of the Chicago mob. He risked his life to save some kids. He sacraficed the mob which was everything he knew. He sacraficed the luxury of havining what ever he wanted when ever he wanted. He sacraficed becoming a Dean and being the most powerfull and most feared man in Chicago. He gave up everthing for those kids, and that was the ultimate sacrafice. SALVATION
Although Franki was a mobster and did some regretable things. He beleived that jesus christ was his savior and that his death was the greates gift to humankind. This is a perfect example of how loving and forgiving god really is. Have fun in heaven Franki. Franki lived a life of sin(Sin is when you disobey gods standards. Like when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of good and bad. Even though god already told them not to they did it any ways. They disobeyed gods direct order wich resolted in sin) He did a lot of bad things, from killing people to smugguling guns to selling nose candy to people on the street and basically every thing els the mob asked him to do. You might be surprised when I tell you that Franki prays alot(You know him being a Mobster and all) But before he was sent to scope out the block. He was praying, you see there had been an incident like this before. He had a chance to save some kids before. But he dident save them. He belevied that they wherent his problem so why should he get involved. He was fealing bad about this, very bad so he was asking god for forgiveness. Promising god that if he gave him one more chance he would not disappoint. So just maybe, this might be god giving Fraki a chance at redemption.
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