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the four author's purposes

No description

Lisa Martinez

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of the four author's purposes

the four different types author's purposes
By: Zaire Miles- Moultrie
in this power point
learn the four different types of author's purpose
the meaning of the four different types of author's purposes
see different examples where you can find a specific author's purposes
To inform

the meaning of inform is to give impact knowledge of a fact or circumstance to.some examples of of inform can be found in dictionarys , textbooks , and any educational websites or books. this authors purpose can be seen every where it can be obvious or it can be hidden . i say hidden because as humans we learn somethin every day
to Persuade
the mean of persuade is to prevail on ( a person ) to do something ' as by advise or urging.the authors purpose to persuade is usaualy found in comercials , advertisement , and brochures . some comercials try to leave an impression on you by adding animations , explosions , and big time celeberties.persuadion is mostly seen in most of the business world . persuadion can be found in books too like if the character is urging an other character to do something for him\ her.
to entertain
the meaning of entertain is to hold the attention of pleasantly or agreeably ; divert ; amused.To entertain is something that you see every where like movies , t.v shows , books ,and etc. Entertainment can be seen in many different shapes and forms like books and music. to some people entertainment be something else ( crafting , playing sports ,and \ or gaming).Entertainment is something that every where and it every where.
to explain
the meaning of explain is to make known in detail. to explain is to give details on how you do something.some examples of explain are rules , maps , blue prints, or directions to do something or to go somewhere.to explain something can be as easy like a narrator explaining a characters mood or it can be as complex like explain whats happening in a fight sequence . this authors purpose is uncommon when you right a book but it is very handy when you need help understanding something
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