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Shell Safety Presentation

No description

Tara Webster

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Shell Safety Presentation

HSSE Retailer of the Year - 2012 GOALS & INITIATIVES: SALES ASSOCIATES Safety Village Community Safety Day:
safe habits for the whole family "Can we use an iPod when we're at the Station?" - Karim, age 10 "To me, safety is more than just good practice - it's the foundation we're built on, and tied to every aspect of what our team does every day" - Magdi Tawdrous Magdi Tawdrous, father of 4, proud owner of Shell ONGTA 12 cluster since 2009, and safety professional, knows that 4 years with no major incidences is no 'accident'. Through careful planning, training, role plays, constant re-evaluation, and reaching out to all community partners for updates and input, we are becoming 'the best of the best'. Every day our Sales Associates face numerous very real threats that we must be aware of, and constantly adapt to. Sadly, since a tragic incident involving a Toronto-area employee, we are faced with the need to further address a significant safety threat - DRIVE OFFS. Training day with safety professional On Dec 16th ONGTA12 hosted Francis Tomas who is a long-time safety trainer and consultant to analyze our situation, trouble-shoot, and appropriately train staff. With a long career in working with gas retailers, Francis was a great fit! This interactive day saw staff offering both experiences and suggestions. Some points of training that was done (over 90% of staff were in attendance and all staff were given the print presentation for review):
* robberies, fire, power outages
* food handling, hygiene, uniforms
* MSDS, PPE, & checklist
* protests, night procedures,laws
* Near Misses and Potential Incidences Review
* Relevant incidences which occured nationally or
internationally within Shell are reviewed
* Top Three Safety Risks for each site are adapted based
on learnings from the year
* and importantly... Drive Aways
We run the ONGTA12 Safety Training Day annually in December On October 27, 2012, the ONGTA 12 Team joined the York Regional Police "Community Safety Day" where we presented interactive gas station safety lessons to children & youth, while also providing information to their parents. Both good and bad habits are built over time, and we want everyone to practice safe habits while visiting our stations. To achieve this, we reached out to our future customers and their parents at this unique event. Through this event we interacted with 1750 children who took part in our "Safety at the Pumps" presentation. Additionally we gave out 1350
'Shell Helps with Gasoline Safety' booklets to parents in
attendance as we ran through mock situations.
It's easy to forget safety when we take it for granted -
we're late, tired, and just need to get some gas for the
trip home. At ONGTA12 we want to use safety training &
positive reinforcement - such as some 'gentle reminders'
from their children - to instill safe practices in all
that we do so it becomes second nature to both
our customers and their children. We had excellent participation at the event: great
questions, lots of excited kids answering the quiz
to win prizes or get their free slush! "I'm proud of our safety record - and this training makes me absolutely sure that we can reach and stay at Zero Incidences!" - Alfredo Ragudo, employee "The best safety tool that exists is the mind" -
Tara Webster, safety partner DRIVE OFFS When the tragedy involving a Toronto-area employee occurred, Magdi Tawdrous was among the first to take on preventative measures and training - acting as a leader for the district.

By the next morning, ONGTA 12 had Drive Off safety sheets at all 4 locations for every employee to read and sign off on at the start of each shift; this initiative was introduced throughout the district
Additionally, Magdi visited each location to explain the new protocols and the gravity of what could happen if they're not followed
Drive Away procedures and responses were also thoroughly covered during the most recent staff training day with Francis Tomas as this trend unfortunately doesn't show any sign of slowing down
Magdi personally reviews the safety tapes on a regular basis. When a Drive Off does occur, he checks the tapes to see the Sales Associaties reaction to ensure they followed correct protocols Near Misses & Potential Incidences Tim Shaker, long time Sales Associate, reads and signs the Drive Off Sheet at the start of his shift in Dec, 2012 This event was not only about safety, but a
prime and very public way to showcase our
commercial mindset. ONGTA12 ties
everything we do not only into our
competitiveness but also our accountability
to Shell, ourselves and our customers. Our deep commitment to safety is just part of our
commercial mindset. THIRSTBUSTER LOYALTY CARD: each child
that did the "Safety at the Pumps" presentation (1750) was given the Loyalty card. Each time they visited an ONGTA12 Shell their parents/ guardians could come inside and tell the Sales Associate how they were safe on this visit, and would receive a stamp. 4 stamps and they got a free ThirstBuster!

CAR WASH COUPON: The 1350 parents & guardians who attended with their child got the "Shell Helps With Gasoline Safety" pamphlet were also given a coupon for $5 off their next car wash at any ONGTA12 location. To ensure NM/PIs are reported and shared on a timely basis, ONGTA12 keeps booklets at each site for staff to record NM/PIs. For Magdi, ensuring safety means being PROACTIVE when it comes to: Making a difference - all day, every day Based on Sales Associates comments and what we know about safety prevention, ONGTA12 recognized the inherent value of "what could have gone wrong" - Near Misses and Potential Incidences (NM/PI) From training, to prevention, to incentives, to constant reminders - striving to reach Zero Incidences is our goal, responsibility, ethic, and pride. Thank you and... Be Safe!! STAFF:
Making everyone a stakeholder
The very best and current training
Our Sales Associates take the initiative and have a vested interest BUSINESS PARTNERS:
Sharing our vision of Zero Incidences with them
Convincing them of the benefits of a safe work environment
Ensuring they follow all safety regulations at the risk of having to terminate the partnership CUSTOMERS:
Reaching out to the community to pass on our safety mindset
Achieving our goal that each customer who visits an ONGTA12 Shell location goes home safely Tracking NM/PI help us identify our biggest risks and be proactive - helping us to have reached our stellar record of Zero Incidences since 2009. In fact, it's so important to the entire team at ONGTA12 that each Sales Associate can identify the Top Three Safety Risks at
each specific site. Knowing inherent risks helps us manage and
prevent incidences at our Shell sites. COMMUNITY SAFETY IS # 1! "Safety is not a gadget, but a state of mind" - Eleanor Everet Some points on what we presented: I believe reporting near miss & potential incident share with staff at my site and at my ONGTA12 cluster will keep our cluster always safe and prevent big incidents to happen.Safety first always comes to my mind at house and at site. - Asif Akhtar, site safety leader 2012/ 2013 Highlights... - Set clear expectations through the
Site Policies & Procedures Standards
- Sales Associates are able to identify
their Top Three Safety Risks for each
specific site. These are determined
through reviewing NM/PIs
- The Annual Staff Training Day, led by
an experienced safety professional, is
an opportunity for staff to share their
HSSE learnings
- SURE and STOP approaches employed at every site
- Each site has a designated site
safety leader who is trained on
how to handle major spills, fire
procedures, PPE, etc. INITIATIVES GOALS - Site Policies & Procedures Standards ensure Sales Associates
are clear on HSSE expectations
- All Sales Associates are alert to
their top risks on a site-by-site basis
which allows them to prevent the preventable
- Builds a culture of HSSE mindset. Front-line input is incorporated into HSSE plans
- Keeping these frameworks top of mind ensure thinking about every-thing they do and working safely
- Accountability for the safety of the
sales associates, customers and contractors GOALS AND INITIATIVES: BUSINESS PARTNERS & CUSTOMERS INITIATIVES GOALS BUSINESS PARTNERS - Personal Protective Equipment is readily available at each site
- Job Clearance Forms are used at each site
- ONGTA12 plans to run a fire safety training program with York Fire Department in 2013 CUSTOMERS - Reaching out to customers through local events such as the Safety Village Community Safety Day
- Intervention is encouraged should a Sales
Associate witness an unsafe act. Sales Associates are trained to intervene by
explaining WHY the act is unsafe - If you do not have the correct PPE, you do not perform your work
- Ensures contractors have identified and mitigated their safety risks. If you do not sign the form, you do not perform the work
- Train firefighters as to how to deal with a fire at a gas station (how to shut off pumps, etc) to ensure proper response should an incident occur - ONGTA12 was able to reach out to 1750
future customers and 1350 existing customers to teach them about 'Safety at the Pumps'
- Staff are empowered to intervene and they have the tools to do so in order to ensure customer safety The presentation included a lot of information from the "Shell Helps with Gasoline Safety" booklet, with kids able to tell us about some
tips they already knew. In almost every presentation, the kids shouted out; "No
smoking at the gas station!" and "No cell
phones!". In addition to covering the rules and guidelines, it was a prime opportunity for parents and their children to understand WHY they are not permitted to do certain things while filling up. Spring 2013 - Firefighter Training Day Over the course of 2 days, Safety Professional Francis Tomas worked with the local Fire Department (East Gwillimbury) and the Fire Prevention Office to familiarize them with ONGTA12 station lay-outs, safety procedures, chemicals, and access. Highlights included pump safety (Brake Aways, Emergency Stops, absorballs, Vapour Recovery at the Farm Tanks), the Car Wash (chemicals, boiler, natural gas tank, electrical panels, shut offs), the Back Room (access to the roof, storage for flammable materials, electrical panels, breakers and the leak detector and alarm system), the front area (emergency shut down and alarms) as well as locations throughout for fire extinguishers and MSDS sheets. Francis explains the emergency shut down Fire Prevention Training Firefighters and ONGTA Staff on the second day On both days after Francis completed the
on-site training for Fire Crews, a Fire Prevention representative trained staff on various points, including everyone's favourite - learning to use a fire extinguisher! ONGTA12 staff get experience putting
out fires via custom-built technology The East Gwillimbury Fire Department were happy to be able to do this co-operative training and were impressed with Shell's Safety Initiatives. Both parties would like to do this training annually.
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