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First lecture DT 341 yr 1 Consumer Psychology 2016-1`7y

No description

Adrienne Czerwin-Abbott

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of First lecture DT 341 yr 1 Consumer Psychology 2016-1`7y

Sales Era
How Many of you are interested in Psychology ? Why people behave the way they do?
A Brief History
Name: Adrienne Czerwin-Abbott
Email: adrienne.czerwinabbott@dit.ie
Phone: 4027077
Lecture times: Group A Mon 10.00 R3100, Wed 12.00 R021
Group B Mon 11.00 R 3068, Wed 11.00 R 2017
A Social Science Perspective on marketing
What is Marketing?
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
The Future


Small indulgence


Barry's tea
Brennan's Bread

New Media

Social Networking
Private becomes public
Facebook, Twitter, Linked In
RSS feeds
Location based marketing GPS-Foursquare
QR codes

Edge Rank
Twitter Analytics
Tesco CRM
Amazon Analytic

Brand Tribes/Communities

Functional foods

New Greys

Adrienne Czerwin-Abbott
4027077 Twitter name : adrienneczab

Lecture Times:
Gr A Mon 10.00 3073 Wed 16.00 Room G019
Gr B Mon 11.00 R3081, Wed 15.00 Room 2018
Lets' start off with a brief History of Marketing.....
A Very, Very, Brief History of Marketing.......
After World War 2 -

Scarcities, Rationing,
emphasis on production,
Seller's market
`"You can have my car in any colour you like as long as its' BLACK"
The Sales era 1950s-

Focus on Sales Techniques - Push tactics
The Marketing Era 1960s ...
and beyond
Don't Forget the Fruit Gums Chum
A Marketing oriented company puts customers' needs and wants first, and only produces goods and services to match those needs and wants
It costs much more to acquire a new customer than maintain a good relationship with an existing one - Relationship Marketing
8 out of 10 new products fail in
first 3 months of launch

Another Good Reason why studying Social Science is so important
This Could be YOU.....
Next Episode - How To Study This Subject
Post WW2 1946
1960's and beyond
Production ERA
Sales ERA
Marketing ERA
Why Study
Consumer Psychology
A History of Marketing......made simple in 3 Eras
A simple history in
three stages
Further reasons for studying consumer
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