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Sigma Gamma Rho

No description

Danielle Green

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Sigma Gamma Rho

Our seven founders
Mary Lou Alison Gardner Little
Dorthy Hanley Whiteside
Vivian Irene White Marbury
Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson
Hattie Mae Annette Dulin Redford
Bessie Mae Downey Rhodes Martin
Cubena Mclure
Sigma Gamma Rho
Sorority Symbols
The Pledge
– Depicts love of, faith for, hope in the sorority, and member’s strong devotion and dedication to sharing Sigma’s goals.
The Slogan
– “Greater Service, Greater Progress” – Means both social betterment and personal uplift
The Hymn
– We exalt the past and challenge ourselves to a noble future together through this.
The Badge
– Open book with a torch, ten pearls on the edges and two rubies at the base.
The Coat of Arms
– Indicates particular traits of our sorority.
– Yellow tea rose – beauty, strength, and radiance which can withstand trials caused by man and nature.
– Royal blue and Gold- Glorious wealth of values, truth and purity.
– Poodle – Classy and sophisticated, as well as one of the most beautiful breeds. Very friendly as well and second most intelligent.

A Sigma woman is intelligent, professional, hardworking,
attractively- dressed, and share a tight sisterhood with her

Sigma Attire
The Grand Basileus
The first grand anti Basileus
The second grand anti Basileus
The grand Grammateus
The grand Tamiochous
The Grand anti Grammateus
The grand Epistioleus
The editor in chief of the Aurora
Founded November 12,1922 at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana

Became an incorporated national collegiate sorority on December 30, 1929

National headquarters is in Cary North Carolina
What we gained
How to be a better sister
Becoming prioritized
Implementing successful service projects
What true sisterhood is and creating a bond with new people
"Circle of Sister"
I Am My Sister's Keeper

I am my sisters keeper
What she does, I do
What she knows, I know
If she is unable to do,
So am I
If she doesn't know it
Neither do I
We are as one
All for one, one for all, or none
I shall never forget this so long as I shall live
Sigmas stick together
Win together
Lose together
And die together
If am able to keep this as my motto
Then I can be a true Sigma.

10 Tips on Sisterhood
1. Just say "hello" and acknowledge a new sister with warm eye contact and a smile.
2. Move outside of your comfort zone.
3.Learn to see beyond the surface and acquire a variety of sister vessels.
4.Just keep it real - be yourself (who you are)- no airs.
5.Learn to be a good listener, read positively between the words, and read the unspoken language, such as body language.
6. Learn to laugh with someone, not necessarily at them.
7.Have a good cry with a sister.
8.Spread the love, because you are love.
9.Reinforce sisterhood because sisterhood is good.
10.The essence of sisterhood.
Greater Service Greater Progress
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority places emphasis on sisterhood, scholarship and service. The slogan “Greater Service, Greater Progress” expresses Sigma’s commitment to building better communities. Sigma Gamma Rho participates in the sponsoring programs designed for the improved welfare of all people.
Planning a Successful Service Event!

1. Assess resources
2. Assess needs and interests
3. Brainstorm ideas
4. Develop a timeline
5. Reserve a space
6. Develop a budget
7. The paper chase
8. The people chase
9. Details
10. The Event
11. Evaluate
12. Documentation
13. Start planning for the next event
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