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Wheat Production

No description

Kisia Weeks

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Wheat Production

Wheat Production
Types Of Wheat
There are thousands of varieties of wheat, and six classes
Hard-Red Winter Wheat
Hard-Red Spring Wheat
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Hard White Wheat
Soft White
Uses of Wheat
Most wheat produced in the United States is made into flour
Bread, Rolls, Cookies, Muffins, Pancakes, Waffles etc
Wheat Straw used for livestock
Green Forage can be grazed or used for hay
Straw used for newsprint and paper board
Starch for paste, alcohol, and gluten
Arkansas Wheat
In 2006 Wheat Production= $64,187,000
305 Thousand Acres
18.6 Million Bushels
Average of 61 Bushels/Acre
Top Wheat Producing States
Planting Seasons
Spring Wheat-- planted in the spring, grows during the summer, and matures in early fall
Planted in northern states to avoid harsh winter

Winter Wheat-- planted in the fall, establishes itself during the winter, and rapidly grows during the spring
Grown in the central plains and southern states

Wheat Color and Hardness
Hard Red Wheat-- Hard, brownish, high protien wheat used for bread and hard baked goods

Soft Red Wheat-- Soft, low-protein wheat used for cakes, pie crusts, biscuits, and muffins
Wheat Color and Hardness
Hard White Wheat-- hard, light-colored, opaque, chalky, medium-protein wheat used for bread and brewing

Soft White Wheat-- soft, light-colored, very low protein wheat used for pie crusts and pastries

Arkansas produces Soft-Red Wheat

Planted in the fall and harvested in the spring
Kansas (Produces the most)
North Dakota
Did You Know?
Wheat is grown in 42 states

Wheat was first produced in the United States in 1777

About 50% of wheat produced is used domestically
In the United States the average yield is 40 bushels per acre

1 bushel of wheat contains approximately 1 million individual kernels and weighs approximately 60 lbs
A bushel of wheat makes about 42 pounds of pasta
The Parts of a Wheat Plant
Kisia Weeks, Allison Greb, Ryan Faught,
Shaun Danberry, Jeren Chandler
Non Food Wheat Products
Straw Particle Board
Golf Tees
Hair Conditioners
Liquid Laundry Detergents


1. How many states grow wheat?
2. How many bushels does one acre of wheat yield?
3. What are 5 things wheat is used for?
4. What are the different planting seasons?
5.What is the average bushel per acre produced in Arkansas?
6. When was wheat first produced in the United States?
7. About how much wheat produced is used domestically?
8. Which state produces the most wheat?
9.About how much does a bushel of wheat weigh?
10. A bushel of wheat makes about how many pounds of pasta?
11. When is winter wheat planted?
12. About how many varieties of wheat are there?
13. How many classes of wheat are there?
14. How many acres are used by wheat production in Arkansas?
15. What are three non-food products that include wheat?
Wheat is the most important cereal grain crop.
The production of wheat is the second largest in the United States. Corn is the largest
Wheat fields cover more of the earth than any other crop
The domestication of wheat is an important factor in the step from hunting and gathering to agriculture
Wheat Production
Because wheat is so versatile it is being harvested around the world every month of the year

Wheat supplies about 20% of the food calories for the worlds people

The per capita consumption of wheat exceeds that of any other food staple in the United States
Harvesting Wheat
To prepare for planting the ground is plowed, the plow turns the soil over and kills all the weeds. Then a disk harrow is connected to the tractor and drove over the field. The disk harrow breaks the soil down into smaller pieces. When the soil is ready for planting a grain drill is used to plant the seed
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