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Everett Bonner

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of People

Part 1: People
Part 2: Places
Part 3: Seas
A two book series

Part 4: Castles
Part 6: Cities
Character Introduced:
Isaac is a seventeen year old boy living in Dalor Province. He is the son of and heir to Edward, the owner of Wisler Plantation. He was raised by Delilah, a servant who formerly raked leaves. He has jet-black hair with crystal-blue eyes. He has a thoughtful and kind personality, which is uncommon with "planties" (plantation children), but he is also willing to fight for what he believes in. His best friend is Xavier, but he has a small friendship with Malaya, a servant at the plantation, but they are not close.
This part takes place in Dalor Province, a province with culture similar to the antebellum South in the US. One difference is that instead of slaves, which are considered property, plantations in Dalor are run by servants, who are low-paid but can quit at any time. Wisler Plantation, the one owned by Isaac's father, produces sugar cane.
The book starts off with Delilah's death and Isaac attending the funeral. A few days later, Isaac and his friends were playing with a ball when it crashed into a creepy house's window. When he retrieves it, he is attacked by a witch (who is later revealed to be Delilah's sister). She tells him a prophecy, and he is at first in disbelief. Eventually, he believes it, and he embarks on a journey to find seven other teens with scars around their wrists from the seven other provinces to end a future Civil War.
Character Introduced
Alex (Albec)
Albec, who prefers the name Alex and is often called Al, is a fifteen year old native to a community hidden in the treetops. He was chosen to depart from the community to learn about life outside of Aldor Province, so he took a boat to Luna Island and discovered about more modern lifestyle, which is why he changed his name from Albec
to Alex. He is dark skinned and
has brown eyes.

The setting of this part is in Aldor
Province. It was plagued by a plant invasion that natives call the "Overgrowth". Alex's community is located on the trunks of large trees and are connected by wooden rope ladders. Few go past the community, as there are "beasts" in the jungle
Character Song
Hall of Fame
Character Introduced
The rebellious seventeen year old punk who works as a housekeeper at the Kaleidoscope Hotel in Neopolis. She ran away from home when she was thirteen and has never seen her parents since. She has bubble-gum pink hair, a nose ring, and a serpent tattoo on her arm. She is a good singer, and occasionally performs at the Grand Viper park in the center of the hotel.
Character Song
So What
Book 6 takes
place in Neopolis, a
futuristic city that is heavily populated.
It is known for the Kaleidescope
Hotel, which Jamie works at, and the Epiphanite, a large bullet train station with fancy dining, metting halls, and sophisticated shops
The five teens cross Black Mountain and find themselves in Neopolis, a high-tech city. They stay at the Kaleidoscope Hotel where they have a strange housekeeper named Jamie. The go to the Grand Viper amusement park in the center of the hotel and see her singing, but they do not get a chance to talk. After two months of attending roboxing matches (the most popular sport in Neopolis) and visiting the Epiphanite, they come home and find out Jamie has quit. They find her and she asks who they are because she has the same scar as her. They tell her, and she goes with them as they enter a cave to Workers' Republic
Character Introduced
Character Song
Knee Deep
Selena is a sixteen year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She works at a bike rental and repair shack on the boardwalk of Saltglass Beach. Her parents drowned when their boat sunk offshore, so she lives with her aunt Margaret, who is a doomsday-prepper. She is a kind person, but she is often rebellious and is sometimes a bit harsh. She is friends with Andrew, a boy who lives across the street and works at the bike shack.
Character Introduced
Character Song
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark
Part 5: Mountains
Character Introduction
Part 7: Machines
Character Introduced
Part 8: Wars
Character Introduced
Character Song
The Scientist
Nathaniel is a tall, eighteen year old worker in the city of Cogsworthen who is upset with the working conditions. Because he is 18, he rarely sees his parents. He later becomes part of the rebel group after meeting the six teens. He is incredibly smart, but he fails to meet his potentials as he is assigned to work in the engine mechanics assembly line.
Character Song
Riding Solo
Character Song
Ain't It Fun
Character Song
Time After Time
BOOK 1: Parts 1-4
BOOK 2: Part 5-8
Isaac travels through a jungle filled with plants and unusual animals. He is attacked by a jungle-cat, but it is killed by a hunter named Tun-bre who takes Isaac to the treetop community that the natives call Arbvita. He meets the leader of the people, and he asks for anyone with a scar around their wrist. The leader brings Alex to him, and they meet for the first time. After visiting his family and staying with them for a week, the boys find their way through the jungle until the reach the shore
The setting of this part is Luna Island, a small beach town located on the shore of the Azure Sea. It's residents ride bikes or walk everywhere, and they go to Saltglass beach almost everyday. The citizens are carefree, enjoying life and living adventurously.
This story picks back up when Isaac and Alex reach the shore. They find a fishing boat called the Starboard White that is manned by Captain O'Reilly, his wife Suzette, and their son Triton. They set sail for Luna island only to be attacked by a pirate ship called the Bloody Mast. The pirate captain, Jaques Tortuga, shows them mercy and spares their lives, but they are forced to work as cleaners for the ship for a week. He makes O'Reilly and Suzette walk the plank leading to their drowning and death. After a week of being on the ship, the three boys escape on a life boat and paddle to a nearby island in the middle of the night. They struggle to survive for another week when a cruise ship headed for Luna Island sees a flare from the island and saves Isaac, Alex, and Triton. After special treatment on the fancy cruise for four days. After docking in Luna Island at Port Royale, they rent a small beach house and rent some bikes. They part ways with Triton, who needs to be alone after his parents death. After forgetting to return the bikes, they come back the next day to the bike shack. Selena is working at the shack and she reluctantly extends their due date. After leaving, Isaac tells Alex that he noticed a scar around her wrist. They come back later that day to see her only to find that her shift is over. The worker, Andrew, says he knows Selena and he can take them to her after work. They show up at her house (she lives with her doomsday-prepper aunt Margaret) and explain to her the prophecy. She slowly begins to believe, and finally she agrees to go with them. After taking up jobs as waiters for a hamburger joint to make money, the buy a boat they name the Iron Mighty. They sail for three days when a storm hits and their boat sinks and they paddle a raft to shore.
Markus is a stubborn, seventeen year old boy with blonde hair and brown eyes. He is the son of Katrina, the evil ruler of the province of Aritticus. He denies and ignores Isaac's request of him to come with them to the other provinces. Throughout the story he doubts and ignores things, but he is compassionate and protective for those close to him. He is strong and tall, and if he were not the ruler's son he would have chosen to be a guard, as stated after they become friends.
The setting of this part is Aritticus, a province that has failed to advance and is stuck in a medieval age where castles, nobles, and peasants still exist.
After they beach on the shore of Aritticus, they reach the town of Burke. They are found and unrecognized by the guards and taken to Katrina to be tried. She lets them go, reprimanding the guards for wasting her time. They see he has the scar, and they attempt to befriend him. When they think he is ready, the tell him about the prophecy. He does not believe them, and he tries to avoid them after that. After about two weeks of the three of them living in the town, Markus decides to join them after he realizes how evil his other is when she beheaded the father of a close friend for an undefined purpose. They begin to scale the mountains to the north as the part closes.
The seven children have crossed the desert and are on the pathway leading to Sedriam. Selena and Markus hold hands (indicates a relationship spark). When they reach the top they are given a full check for weapons and other illegal items. They are confused, but they go with it. After getting a small apartment, they arrange a visit for the king. When they visit Nicholas, he tells them how grateful he is to have them there to protect him, because they believe that he is good. They work as his guards for a short time. When news of the seven of them hits the Province, a youth rebel group who are too young to be in the real rebel group take them in.
They tell them of their travels, and the rebel group tells them that Nicholas is not who he says he is. He is power-hungry and responsible for the death of his father. They quit their guard jobs and work in the rebel group. Some members are: Julius, the eighteen year old leader who has a strange scar on his wrist, Dean, a seventeen year old friend of Julius’s and second in command, Elle, a fifteen year old orphan whose parents were executed by Nicholas for refusing to pay high taxes, and Frederick, a thirteen year old who has a strong hatred for Nicholas (his family is in poverty). They believe Julius is the eighth child because he has the scar on his wrist. Markus is doubtful (what a shocker), so they decide to wait on telling him.
They read a newspaper stating that the Provinces have divided, Neopolis, Arittica, and Northern Province are sided with Sedriam; Aldor, Dalor, and Workers’ Republic are sided with the rebels; Luna Island remains neutral. With subplots in between of course, they then hear news that Nicholas’s army have taken over Aldor and Dalor Provinces. While Markus, Selena, and Nathaniel stay in Sedriam, Ciley, Isaac, Jamie, and Al travel with the rebel forces in Sedriam to aid the soldiers in Dalor and reclaim the Provinces. They participate in the Battle of Richland, in which they defeat Nicholas’s army and reclaim Aldor and Dalor. During the battle, Isaac is almost killed by a soldier, but Jamie kills him just in time. When the battle is over, they meet at the Richland House like they said they would. When Al does not meet them, Ciley goes to talk to Julius. She comes back in tears, and Isaac and Jamie know immediately he is dead. They are extremely sad, and they decide to visit his family in the treetop community to tell them.
On the way, they stop at Isaac’s house, and the servants are in complete chaos. Malaya tells him that his father, Edward, died while he was gone, and that he is the new master of the plantation. He cries for the first time in the series, and after spending the night in the house they leave very early in the morning. After traveling a long time, they reach Al’s treetop community, but it is deserted. It is not damaged at all, but everyone is gone. Isaac assumes they were evacuated, but he doesn’t know if they are dead or not. They head back to Sedriam and reunite with Markus, Selena, and Nathaniel, and they tell them of Al’s death. They are very upset, and they decide to tell Julius about his scar and how he is one of the eight. He is startled, but he tells them he was not born with the scar, he once got his hand caught in a machine when he was younger. This means he cannot be the eighth because the prophecy stated the children had to be born with the scar. Markus has been elected second in command because Dean died in a riot. The rebel group plan to execute Nicholas the next day, he will be trying to escape to Luna Island. They try to kill him and fail, and he escapes to his castle. The seven of them, Isaac, Selena, Markus, Ciley, Jamie, Nathaniel, and Julius, break into the castle and fight the guards. While the adult rebel groups fight, Julius and Isaac sneak into Nicholas’s secret room, and Julius kills him. They manage to escape the castle and head back to the rebel HQ. It fades out and picks back up a week later. The army has weakened, but it is still alive.
Workers’ Republic citizens have evacuated after taking over the guards. Valerie and Vance have come with their family to Sedriam, and the twins have joined the youth rebel group. Katrina becomes the new leader of Sedriam, and Markus is ashamed. They decide to participate in the final battle of the war in Aritticus. They fight in the battle, and Vance dies. The rebels win, and they head back to Sedriam. A huge party is held in the castle by Hugo Jackson, the adult rebel leader. He thanks the youth rebels, especially Isaac, Selena, Markus, Ciley, Jamie, Nathaniel, and Julius, and he, as the new leader, decides to put the seven of them on the Council. It ends with the six of them leaving the party, Julius stays behind.

EPILOGUE: Isaac and Ciley are married with four children, Steven, Celia, and twins, Robyn and Zoey. Selena and Markus are married with one daughter, Riley. Jamie is married to an unknown man and has no children. Nathaniel is not married and focuses on inventing.

The Witch's Prophecy
Listen here, and listen well,
For this is the future, I fortell,
Eight children, one from ev'ry land,
Shall join together, hand and hand,
All with winding scars alike,
And when the lands begin to strike,
You will find your way to the King,
And fight for the better side of things,
But hear my woe, and hear it all,
For of the eight, one shall fall,
But if you hear and trust me so,
And do my task at hand,
Then once the fight is over,
No war will ever plague this land.

Ciley is a sixteen year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She is the oldest of eight children, so she is extremely responsible. Her family is very kind, and they participate in community service regularly. She loves her family more than anything else, and she has a hard time leaving them. She is always considerate of other people, and she always manages to make bad situations better, even at some cost to herself
Character Song
Cogsworthen is a city in Worker's Republic that descends straight down for 267 stories from a chasm in the ground. The heavy population of citizens are forced to work eleven hours a day, from seven to seven with a one hour lunch break in the middle. There are many rebel groups in the city made up of angered workers.
The six teens find themselves in Cogsworthen, and they are taken by a rebel group that save them from the guards. They learn of the city, and they are scared. The next day, when everyone is at work, they try to sneak out only to be found by the guards and forced to work the taxing hours. When they are placed in the engine mechanics assembly line, they meet Nathaniel, a smart, tall boy who works next to them. He wears long sleeves, so they are unable to see his scar. The following week, it is Gearfest, a huge celebration in the bottom floor of the chasm, and they see Nathaniel there, but with shorter sleeves. The no he is the one when they see his scar, and they take him to the rebel house where they brief him about the prophecy. He agrees to go, but they must escape. The day after, they plan their escape. Each one escapes through an air vent until they reach the Welcoming Lobby. They knock out the guards and climb out of the chasm and into the desert. The part ends with Jamie reading a newspaper out loud saying that the King is under attack and that war has begun
The setting of this part is Valleytown, a small, friendly village located on a mountain in Northern Province. It is almost always covered in snow, and during the winter, the outside is claimed by fierce blizzards. The citizens are as nice as they come, always smiling and helping others. They live in log cabins with huge fireplaces and minimal fans.
Julius is an eighteen year old boy with blonde hair and green eyes. He is the leader of a youth rebel front fighting against the evil king, Nicholas IV. He is very demanding, but his methods get the job done. At some times he can be a bit of a jerk, but he is extremely protective of his friends and will stop at nothing to have justice in the kingdom. His best friend is Dean, the second in command. He is thought to be the final teen to be found because he has an odd scar on his wrist, but he received that scar when he got his hand caught in a machine.
The setting of the final part of the last book is Sedriam, the capital province It is much like Aritticus in appearance, with the medieval castles and the peasant villages. It is ruled by and evil king named Nicholas who is the reason for many rebel groups.
After they reach the top of the mountain, Isaac, Alex, Selena, and Markus endure the freezing cold temperatures of Northern Province. As they are about to die after three days, they are saved by Ciley, who takes them to Valleytown. There, they meet her family and explain to her about the curse after they see her scar. She is reluctant to leave her family, but she knows it is for a good purpose. But the day after, when they are scheduled to leave, a blizzard hits and they are snowed-in. After another three days, the storm dies down, and they can leave. They overcome the harsh climate and make it to Black Mountain, where the snow ends. After climbing it, they see the glowing lights of a city in the background
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