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By Madison Rojas and Vijay Agrawal

Laura Flanagan

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Coahuiltecans

Coahuiltecan Tribe
Location in Texas
The Coahuiltecans were originally from Mexico. But they moved up north into the south Texas plains
What They Ate and How They got it
The Coahuiltecans mostly ate prickly pear (Túnas). But they also hunted deer. They caught deer by forcing the pack into the river, where the deer would drown. They picked Túnas off of cacti when it was in season.
The Coahuiltecans lived in small dome -shaped huts called
Wickiups. Wickiups
were made of wooden sticks, and animal skins. These huts were also light, durable, and easy to carry from one camp to another. The animal skins were draped all over the
to keep the Coahuiltecans warm. Elders of the tribe had bigger
The Coahuiltecans thought that the elders should make al the dicisions since they were older and wiser. This meant that the elder got to choose where to camp, hunt, and celebrate.
Fun Facts
Coahuiltecan woman navigated the tribe.

Children were tattood and pierced when they were at a certain age.

Coahuilatecans dressed in animal skins and the elders wore head-dresses.
Making Prezi: Vijay and Madison
Structure of Wickiup: Vijay
Skit: Madison and Vijay
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