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College Student TRAINING

No description

Ej Carrion

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of College Student TRAINING

personalizing education for all students...
The journey to AWESOMENESS
we are the change makers to fix it!
The Problem
Updates on SSA
We started changing the problem with 80 students
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
There is one counselor to every 500 students in America which equals...
This is just the beginning....
One day, all high school students that want personal attention will have the ability to have their own personal success consultant...
Why your student

- 80% is showing up

- Goal:

attendance rate

- You have something to give.
Your impact
be life-changing
Your time
Year plan:
30 schools
20 universities
Grow nationally
Our Core Values
Be humble and stay away
from judging others--This is
more of a high level company
thing--they do not need to
know this
Always look to
help others
Continually be aware of
ways to progress
Build transparent
Be innovative and
Go above and beyond
Capitalize on all
Have fun
Believe in your SWAG
Have meaning in
what you do
“Our vision is to maximize the potential and increase
the chances of success for all individuals who come in
contact with the Student Success Academy.”
- Is interested in college but unsure
- He wants to help people
- In week 2 he listed Law as one of
his career options

- Works a full time job
- Seems tired and uninterested
- She want to get a job after HS
- She is interested in medical
- You have already contacted a
nurse for her to shadow

Here are the post program questions your student fills out:

Did your SC help you uncover what you want to accomplish after high school?
Rating 1-10
Did your SC help you set goals and hold you accountable?
Rating 1-10
Did your SC help you identify a career mentor to help you with steps (i.e. if you want to be a nurse did your SC help you get in touch with a nurse/nursing student?)
How satisfied are you with your mentor
Rating 1-10

80% is showing up
Truly care about
your student
Be confident, relatable, and cool (NO CREEPING)
Do for them what you
would do for yourself
Do not tell them what success is or define
their life values
First impression is key
Compliments build self-esteem
Listen and ask before speaking and commanding
See your student's potential not past
You are making a HUGE impact
How it works
Skype etiquette

- First Impression
- Lean in
- Energy
- Clear facial expressions
- Pattern disruptions
- Vocal variety
- Hand gestures
Success Consultant (SC)
To figure out your future
and because of this
this happens...
1 of 2
Office Hours
Intro Session--this
can just go in the
Skype Etiquette
- Facial Expression
- Actively Listen
- Stay up in your seat
- Use hand-motions
18 to 24 year old people who are unemployed
Teens are not in school or work
Of college students graduate with a 4 year degree in 6 years or less
How to sign up for a student!

1.) Login and go to profile

2.) Select "Add Student"

3.) Navigate to find your fit

This is not one size fits all.
Each student has their own personal path
Problems and Questions

Role Play!
Go to:

Before we move on .. did you?!!!
Register at:
Sign up for Skype?

Post Doc
QuickTime Player--no need
1. Log in to

The first thing you are going to do is log on to the site with your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
2. Review Milestone

The first week you mentor your student you go through the intro session. From there you get to pick and move at your own pace.
3. Log on to Skype

Your student created an account in class and sent you an invite. When starting the session, always START the call. Your student will be waiting for you to call them.
4. Call your student and go through a milestone

Make sure when you go throuhh the milestone you ask a lot of questions and allow the students to do most of talking. The milestones are setup for them to identify the learning points and answers.
5. Click 'submit' milestone and fill out post doc (VERY IMPORTANT)

Click 'submit' at the bottom of the milestone and a post doc will pop up to fill out

While consulting your student through a milestone, write your notes in the boxes below each question. Once the session is concluded press SUBMIT. A Post Doc will appear and it is vital that you complete this doc after every session.
Review your
lessons here!
We must fill this out after every session.
Go through the process with a partner.
Someone act as the SC and the other should play the role of the student.
Do you have a Skype Account?
Comfort of their home
At their school
Schedule twice a month on own time
Same time every week in class
**We will notify you before you sign up
If they are @ school
We provide you their Skype information
You pick the student
Friend them via Skype and call them the time you are supposed to meet starting the week of January 27th
E.g. if your student is at 10 am on Tuesday call them then
If he or she is @ home
We give you parent/student contact info
Setup time with student
Schedule on your own twice a month
How Did I Know I am Successful?!
The internet is not working-- be in a good internet spot (no Starbucks or phone)
Students late--please be patient as they login
We did not finish the milestone-- continue with the same one next week
We missed a week-- continue where you left off
How do I know the status us my student? (if they are late, absent, ect.)-- Text them if at home or check out the Groupme you will be added to if in school
Do I initiate the call? --Yes
What track do I pick? --You decide with your student after the intro session
Can I connect with my student outside of our session? --Yes! Get their contact info

10 Things to Remember

**If you know you are going to miss due to a prescheduled conflict please tell your leader in advance
Post Doc
Contact the teacher via Groupme (be patient though)
Our Meetings
First Tuesday of every month at 8 pm
*Put it in your calendar
Want to sponsor a student or have ideas?
Ej Carrion-
940 228 2240

Michael Benko
214 934 8343
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