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Was Andrew Jackson a good president?

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on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Was Andrew Jackson a good president?

Jackson did a lot of great things for America, but some things he did made the people think he wasn't fit for his high title.
Great things he did for America
Jackson strengthened presidency while in office.
He paid off national debt
He gained Florida by invading it
He adopted an Indian baby when it's village was destroyed
He strengthened foreign relations
He won the battle of New Orleans, protecting the U.S. from British invasion
Bonus Fun Facts
More Reasons
His first two years of presidency had a major scandal- his Secretary of War married Peggy Timberlake, who rich socialites didn't approve of
He fired a lot of his cabinet and replaced them with unqualified people.
He ordered the killing of many Indians in the Creek battles
There will probably always be contreversy about Andrew Jackson and his presidency. And while I don't approve of the Indian Removal Acts, or his killing of innocents, he is the only president to pay off nation debt. Since Jackson was for the common man, he expanded voting to the common man, which eventually leads to women's rights and ending sufferage.
Bad Things about Jackson
Jackson's reputation was tarnished by duels, which is a reason he didn't get elected the first time he ran
He approved the removal of thousands of Indians called the Indian Removal Acts
Jackson made decisions on personal belief, not by The Constitution
Was Andrew Jackson a Good President?
Jackson's presidency was full of controverse
Jackson Expanded voting rights
He issued a new currency
He was 13 when he fought in the Revolutionary War
He was an orphan at 14
He expanded voting rights to all white men
Bonus Fact
He ended the Nullifiction Crisis
Final Notes
By Emily Cornelius
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