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Greek Mythology in The Great Gatsby

No description

Adam Smith

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Greek Mythology in The Great Gatsby

Greek Mythology in
The Great Gatsby

The Green Light across the bay
Daisy's Voice
* Sirens lure in unsuspecting sailors with their songs
The Siren's Song
"There's something
in that voice of
"Daisy's murmur was
only to make people lean
towards her"
"Her voice is full of
Gatsby dies in a pool, much like the sailors lost at sea.
King Midas and the Golden Touch
The Midas Touch
--> Everything he touches turns into gold
Gatsby's immense wealth
--> Quickly became rich through boot-legging
Both lose something
Gatsby loses Daisy...
Both learn a life lesson that...
Money can't always buy
you happiness
and Midas loses
his daughter.
The Story of Icarus
-Both aim too high
-Expect too much
-Rise and Fall
-Became too greedy
Icarus, using the wax wings his father made, escaped from Crete, but flew too close to the sun which melted his wings, and he plummets to his early death.
Daisy represents the light Gatsby is trying to reach; but in the end she burns him, and Gatsby's world comes crashing down
Gatsby's unrealistic vision of Daisy
When in reality...
Nick as Hermes
* God of the forge and mechanics
* Poor and ugly
* Not very intelligent
* Beautiful wife
*Rivalry with Zeus
Gatsby as Zeus
"He was a son of God" (172).
'rich and
powerful man
in the sky'
Envisions her as the perfect woman, much like how Zeus creates Athena in his mind:
Daisy symbolizes
, who is weak and being held against her will
Tom as Hades
-few morals
-controlling their wife
-enemy of Zeus, or Gatsby
* Hermes, the son of Zeus, the two grew very close, much like Jay and Nick
* Hermes, the "messenger of the gods" .... Nick carried everyone's secret, they trusted him just like the gods trusted Hermes.
* Both young and curious of the world, always moving and traveling.
George and Myrtle
Hephaestus and Aphrodite
(Goddess of love and beauty, vain, had multiple lovers)
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