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Broadcast and Non-Broadcast

No description

Thomas Hinton

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Broadcast and Non-Broadcast

Broadcast and Non-Broadcast!
What is Broadcast?
> Broadcast means a live media presentation.
> You cannot pause, rewind or fast forward broadcast media.
> Broadcast media includes live news and radio. Also important events such as the Olympics which can't be relived when it isn't live.
> Non-broadcast is media that can be accessed at anytime.
> You can pause, rewind and fast forward non-broadcast.
> Examples of non-broadcast include TV catch up services such as BBC iplayer and 4oD and video upload websites like Youtube and Dailymotion.
How audio is used
> Audio is used in both broadcast. Both medias use different file types (such as MP3, WAV etc.).
> Many News Channels and Radio stations (Broadcast) use theme songs to familiarize the audience.
> Non-broadcast medias also sometimes use theme songs, such as Yogscast who use the theme song "gay activity" to introduce their videos.
Thanks for watching!!!
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