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ManCon - Somaila Prezentation

No description

Attila Kiss

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of ManCon - Somaila Prezentation

State of the environment Introduction Our topic Our team What happened in Somalia? How did it get so far? So everything is interconnected: Why did it all start? Chapter 1 The costs Start See for yourself! Piracy in Somalia Kiki Wong Yazeed Alhussain Steven Nguyen Attila Kiss Fifi Huang Malannie Wang international organizations
increased shipping expenses
insurance companies illegal fishing dumping of toxic waste locals support absence of national coast guard organized groups Are we sure this is right? Fishing Government Navy Fall of the government Illegal overfishing Strengthening of militia and war clans Toxic waste dumping Starvation Clan wars Piracy Heavy navy presence Arrests or elimination of threats Worse situation Problem not solved Starvation High unemployment Continuing clan wars and presence of islam extremists High costs for businesses High costs for navy deployment Environment in the same shape Our idea of a resolution Business Navy Absolute increase in costs: Increased Speed
Re –routingPrivate SecurityCost to labourInsurance Related operations Resolution Re routing
Onboard security
Military operations
Prosecution of pirates food aid
country development
"ban" of the area
better international law Educational consultant Education expert Case expert Project manager Subject matter expert Senior Consultant State of the environment
Somalian piracy
the causes, the consequences
the solutions in play
the ones that we would recommend 1) Explain environmental trends and their underlying causes

2) Understand interconnectedness of ecological, social and environmental systems

3) Describe the nature, and impact of environmental changes on society and human economy

4) Understand the business implications of environmental change What does it teach us? Why this topic? The interdependence of stakeholders
A current issue that demonstrates how one entity can directly influence a multitude of entities in the same environment
One action implemented by one entity will ultimately affect a multitude of other interdependent parties. The effects of environmental problems - Overfishing To Somalia
Destroyed the vital coral and ocean plant life by foreign trawlers
Whole communities of Somalis became jobless, hungry, boats to pirate vessels
Greatest harms done by European & Asian vessels
To Nations
Protect food resource as business interests
Rich fishing opportunities attracted by various nations (free-for-all resources)
To the World
Ecological and environmental disaster The effects of environmental problems - Toxic waste dump To Somalia
Ineffective and unstable state government
No local coastguard and national judicial system
Failure of upholding existing international laws
Continuation of rampant pollution of Somali waters
Threats to the remaining food sources
Changes in ocean ecology
To Nations
Law restriction of pollution
Economic interests for profits are more important than protecting viable food sources
Long term suffering of generations Methodology What can we learn? The case shows businesses and governments the need for: Considering environmental effects
Concluding sustainable business
Understanding the prices if they don't do according to the two points above We used secondary sources
journal articles
UN reports
IMB reports
documentaries We researched the independent
Somali point of view Introductions
The chapter explained
The topic explained
The story
Reasons and consequences
Resolutions and recommendations
Why we choose the topic
How is the topic relevant
What can we learn from it
Our methodology Agenda www.YandBConsulting.com www.YandBConsulting.com
p105@YBC.com Y&B Consulting A possible solution for a complex situation 1) Limit the influence of Eritrea by implementing sanctions
2) Humanitarian aid to local Somalis and Kenyan forces to secure the buffer state of ‘Jubaland’ along the Kenyan Border
3) Ship hardening and private armed security
4) Changes to business Operations
5) Address Waste dumping and revitalize local livelihoods
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