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George Ross

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of 老馬識途

Double click anywhere & add an idea 春秋時代,有一次,管仲和隰朋跟隨齊桓公出征孤竹國,春天去,冬天回,歸途中迷失了道路. 管仲:"可以讓老馬發揮作用了." 於是讓幾匹老馬在前面走,隊伍跟在後面,終於找到了道路。 老馬識途 During the Spring and Autumn Period, Duke Huan of the Kingdom of Ch'i was at war with the Kingdom of Gu-ju. The commander of the Gu-ju army led Duke Huan's army into a great desert known as Han-hai. There was a strong storm made it impossible to distinguish which direction was which. Duke Huan's troops, unable to go anywhere, realized that they had been tricked. Guan Jung of Ch'i remembered that horses are always able to find their way home, no matter how far they have strayed. So at his suggestion, the army let a few of the old horses go, and then followed where they went. As expected,the horses led the army out of Han-hai and to their homes. Today, a person who is very experienced at any given thing may be refered to as "the old horse who knows the way".

Experience is extremely valuable.

Moral Modern Situation Two girls venture to downttown chicago go shopping. After finishing their shopping spree, they realize they are lost and cannot find the train station. The hot dog vendor successfully leads the girls to the train station. One of the girls approaches a hot dog vendor to ask for help. Bibliography http://www.photosbystevenjbrown.com/metra/2000/2730_metra102_101603_chicago.jpg
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