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No description

Lincoln Ruybalid

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of MULTITOE

MULTITOE Developed by Hasso Platiner Institut in Germany! The President and CEO of Hasso Institut Christoph Meinel Multitoe is a new way to use Touch screen technology and it is controlled by your feet
Multitoe is a working Product and has not been released and noone knows when it will be
Frustrated total internal reflection is based on the ability to sense pressure from the sole of your shoe when your sole is applied to the floor Imagine a whole Floor to practice your foot based inputs on This Project takes multi touch table technology (as in the microsoft table) and turns the floor into something that you can walk on. Unlike Unlike the iPad and iPod Touch, you can have 2 fingers or 2 feet controlling, multitoe at a time. Multitoe is set up with 2 IR Cameras and a projector mounted underneath the floor Multitoe can distinguish the difference between different people's footprints based on the shoes, sole design and size By tapping onto the floor users can color, draw, and even use the keyboard as shown Users that love to play video games can use this technology to control their character and shoot their gun (for whatever game you are playing) This program can even be used to teach dance lessons because it is smart enough to tell when the user is leaning, based on where the pressure is on your feet. Multitoe has many different functions that can be performed by tapping your toes, stomping your feet, and kicking in various foot postures Multitoe allows you to wander around a canvas of theoretically limitless size Multitoe identifies users by the unique characteristics of their feet and the bottom of your shoe It can even determine the orientation of the users head based on where the pressure is on their feet Imagine your office space you can watch videos and type papers and it will all be revolutionary Even if this technology does not become a major hit it opens up so many more doors to new ideas that can be created by inventors There are so many vast applications that can and probably will be created. Another great feature to this program
is that it will ignore inactive users
For example you can just walk across it and it will not notice you, making it more convenient to walk across and have it in your living room etc.... You can also control the size of the keyboard
Multitoe will also be used in museums to guide people to a specific painting Imagine controlling your own size of T.V. screen and the video games you can play on it. Dance Dance Revolution will never be the same I dont know about you but I think that this Technology is wicked cool!! :) THE END
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