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kids cops computers assignment 2

No description

Irem Hunter

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of kids cops computers assignment 2

bullying and cyber bullying what is bullying? How we can help STOP bullying bullying is when you keep on bothering somebody and you wont stop also its when you keep saying words that are not nice and you take things that belong to the victim that's being bullied and you wont stop! The victim might not even tell anyone because they know you are gonna do something bad to them. When other people see that the person is getting bullied , they don't tell the teacher or principal because they don't wanna be involved in the situation. Bullying hurts! Cyber bullying is when someone gets threatened, harassed or embarrassed on the internet , mobile phones or interactive. Most teens , preteens and children get bullied on the internet about what they do or how they look and dress and some people say lies and hurt the victim and then they start hatting their life and they might do something like suicide. what is cyber bullying ? How would you like being bullied 24/7 Some people might cut their self and some just kill their self , think about what your saying and stop bullying. Teens , preteens and children who are bullied don't tell an adult because they are scared and if someone still keeps bulling that same person then the person might harm their self and you would be the one that did this to them. How people harm their self when they get bullied we can stop bullying by telling an adult, and speak out and make your voice be heard , dont be scared to tell an adult , when you see bullying happening you should stop it by first going to the teacher or principle. you just saved someone from being bullied . Many people get bullied every where they go. Think about it how would you feel , put your self in the victim that's being bullied's shoes. The victim would like to tell an adult but where ever the victim goes the bully comes after. Its impossible to get away from the bully, its time to stop and stand out and help stop bullying. Some of you might have been bullied so you know how it feels , so the next time that you see someone being bullied go tell an adult. Kids,Cops,Computers i have learned all those thing and everything else from the lead and learn sessions .I just wanted to say thank you and thank you to officer tony for coming and teaching us everything. I had a great time learning things and i enjoy going to the lead and learn sessions. Thank you .
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