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The Secret Life of Bees :: Final Project (Artistic Representation)

COA Literature Class

Jessica Korolyuk

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of The Secret Life of Bees :: Final Project (Artistic Representation)

Final Project By — Jess Korolyuk THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES Literary Techniques Expressed throughout the Book Examples of. . . a figure of speech in which an
implied comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something important in common. Metaphor a comparison between
two different things
either like or as “"Coming into his presence was like stepping up to a gas heater, to a row of blue fire burning in the dark, wet curve of his eyes.”
-Pg 216 “The night seemed like an inkblot I had to figure out.”
-Pg 101 Simile “I can tell you this much: the world is a great big log thrown on the fires of love.”
-Pg 133 the use of hints or clues in a story to suggest what action is to come When August told Lily that April killed herself it foreshadows May's suicide.

“’By the time she was thirteen, she was having terrible depressions, and of course the whole time, whatever she was feeling, May was feeling. And then when April was fifteen, she took our father’s shotgun and killed herself.”
- (August Speaking) Pg 97 The novel opens with Lily watching bees fly around her bedroom. These bees foreshadow Lily's interaction with the Boatwright sisters at Augusts’ bee farm.

“The bees came the summer 1964, the summer I turned fourteen and my life went spinning off into a whole new orbit, and I mean whole new orbit.”
-Pg 1,2 Foreshadowing the intrusion of humor interrupting or immediately following a scene of excitement, intended to relieve the dramatic tension or heighten the emotional impact by means of contrast. Comic Relief a figure of speech in which an object, abstract idea, or animal is given
Human characteristics. “Finally I walked to the window and gazed at the peach trees stretching halfway to North Carolina, the way they help up their leafy arms in gestures of pure beseeching.”
-Pg 40 “ His boots whispered uncle all the way down the hall.”
-Pg 12 Personification “Sometimes you want to fall on your knees and thank God in heaven for poor news reporting.”
- (Lily after breaking Rosaleen out of jail)
Pg 66 “I sat on the side of the tub while Rosaleen dabbed my arm with a stingy icy swab. She plastered a Band-Aid across it and said 'There, you won't die from blood poisoning at least!”
-Pg 40 "She was black as could be, twisted like driftwood from being out in the weather, her face a map of all the storms and journeys she’d been through. Her right arm was raised as if she was pointing the way, except her fingers were closed in a fist. It gave her a serious look, like she could straighten you out if necessary. . .I didn't know what to think, but what I felt was magnetic and so big it ached like the moon had entered my chest and filled it up."
- Lily (Page 70) “My hair was black like my mother’s but basically a nest of cowlicks, and it worried me that I didn’t have much of a chin.”
- Pg 9 Artistic
representation Coming-of-Age Story Lily is describing the statue of Black Mary. Thus far, she has only just found discovered it at the house, and doesn't understand the meaning or significance which lies within the statue. Mary truly caught Lily's attention.and she was drawn to it and studied its features. Right from the start, Lily feels that the Lady of Chains can see deep into her soul, all the lies and secrets she has told to the Boatwright sisters. She experiences a strange mix of fear yet a sense of power emerging from Black Mary. This passage is very important because it relates to Lily's future transformation in her coming-of-age journey. Since she never had a strong womanly figure growing up besides Rosaleen, who inspired her to be more independent. After running away she has found a chance to become a character she always wanted to be, without the pressure and isolation when living with T.Ray. Lily will begin growing into a powerful and confident young woman through her new experience with beekeeping and Black Mary. Lily turns to Mary for guidance and puts her in the place of a mother. Literary Devices Used in this Passage:
Simile/Metaphor "twisted LIKE driftwood"
"face a map"
"ached like the moon..."
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