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A Mother In A Refugee Camp

No description

Zahra Haider

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of A Mother In A Refugee Camp

Starter - DISCUSS
Have any of you ever moved country?
Moral and Meaning
Agony of a mother who had to witness her child's death.
A mothers love endures through physical, mental and emotional challenges.
A mothers love is everlasting.
Even though you may change your location, family remains constant.
Even when a mother toils through poverty, nothing can interfere between the love of her and her child.
Language Techniques
The poet (Chinua Acehebe) had a sophisticated use of language techniques throughout the poem:
Biblical References
Foreshadowing death
Hardships, enduring love and sensory descriptions.
The structure of the poem plays a significant role in the overall message which it is trying to convey:
Time frame
Point and Message
Stanza Length
The poet is called Chinua Abeche, he is notable for novels such as "Things Fall Apart".

He was around the time of the Nigerian Civil war, and hence, his work is heavily influenced by it.
Thank you for watching!
A Mother In A Refugee Camp
Analysed by: Azaad, Zahra, Rosie, Kazal and Avi
How did it make you feel?
Did you want to move?
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