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The Sisters Brothers

No description

jackson papist

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The Sisters Brothers

Story line
- the main characters are 2 brothers Eli and charlie
- they are assassins
- work for rich man called the commodore
- they kill who ever he wants dead
- travel across country to kill a man named Hermann Warm
- realize he is innocent
- become friends and work with him
- he dies from accident
Patrick DeWitt
- Born in 1975 at Vancouver Island British Columbia
- Currently lives in Portland, Oregon
- First book(2009) was named new york times editors choice award
- His second book The Sisters Brothers(2011) received many awards
- In 2011 he was 1 of 2 canadian writers to receive all 4 awards lists
- Awarded Rogers prize(2011)
-Winner of 2011 Governor general award for language fiction
Eli Sisters
- Main character/voice of novel
- Started as a dark aggressive man
- Suffered the most problems
- Eli learns from his poor decisions
- Becomes better person because of it
- Learned from his mistakes
- Good vs. evil
- Eli and Charlie are the evil
- Their victim Hermann Warm is the good
- Eli struggles to reveal his good side
- Eli knows killing is wrong
- Fights to stop
development/ resolution
- Hermann is innocent
- Eli and Charlie decide not to kill him
- Hermann Dies
- The brothers decide to start their lives over
- Kill their boss
- live with their mother
- the voice is from Eli
- detailed but vague
- violence
- dark humor

- Exciting
- Lots of action
- keeps you on your toes
- problem solving
- great adventure

thank you
The Sisters Brothers
Patrick DeWitt
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