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Three Toed Sloths

No description

Heather MacKinnon

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Three Toed Sloths

By: Heather MacKinnon
A three toed sloth is an herbivore that eats leaves off of trees at night.Sometimes they eat small bugs or beetles.
The three toed sloth generally lives in trees in South and Central America.
Sloth's long arms help them swim fast.Their heads can also turn 270 degrees.
Fun Fact:After a three toed sloth dies, they stay hanging on a tree, and retain their grip.
Sloths are very slow animals.They usually only go about 0.15 miles-per-hour equivalent to about 1 foot per minute!
You're going to fast!!!
Three toed sloth's b
They are a mixture of browns and leafy colors(not green,orange.red,purple).Three toed sloth's fur helps them resemble a bundle of leaves hanging from a tree, to help protect them from predators.
The three toed sloth is an herbivore that mainly eats leaves and sometimes small bugs or beetles.
Three Toed Sloth Food Chain
Plants and Bugs
The Sloth will eat the plants and bugs, but mainly plants.
Three Toed Sloth
The Plants and bugs live and grow, using natural resources such as sunlight,air,soil(plants),and water.
The snake will eat the sloth, depending on the size of the sloth.
The bird will eat the snake after the snake ate the sloth.
The jaguar will eat the bird finally ending the cycle...
The three toed sloth is about 28 inches or 58 centimeters long, about 1/3 the size of a 6 foot man.
The three toed sloth weighs about 8.75 lbs. weighing less than they look like...
Thanks for watching!!!
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