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Devlin Rocha

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Edmonton

edmonton has an elevation of 668m above sea level. it's drainage basin is the hudson bay drainage it has only one river ,the n.saskatuwan river. Edmonton has a growth season of 140-180
days it gets over 2000 hours of sunlight a year it is located between a praire and a forest
which is known as the aspen parkland. it's landuse is crops and livestock a rainfall of 400-600mm
annual windsor,essex county summer thunderstorms are frequent and ocassonally hails.
but sometimes ther are tornadoes. annual snow fall is 100-200cm That the growing season in Windsor,Essex county lasts 220-260 days. Bibliography: hppt//wikipedia_edmonton.com canadian oxford school atlas physical geogaphy Nystrom world atlas Topography: Climate: Rivers: Agriculture: Topography: Climate: Rivers: Agriculture: Bio: Bio: soil is grey,brown and dry in summer generally flat boreal forest and grasslands In Windsor,Essex County the industrial industry and
mixed farming is pre-dominent. But most of the land use is in crops
and livestock meaning that growing foods is the main importance. DID YOU KNOW Windsor,Essex county is apart of the St.Lawrence lowlands and spans1720 square m. The time zone is the 7:00am.Did you that the Ambassador bridge is the buyest Canadine-US crossing in all of Canada and that were at the same laditude as Anne arbor,Michigan.
As you seen on the climate chart Windsor's weather is very different from Edmonton's.We get nearly1500 hours of sunshine,6-10cm of rain,but there is an upside we have less 100cm in snow annual.Were so lucky that we never get tornadoes. Before I start my presentation I would
like that you would keep this in mind;out of both cities which would be the best to grow crops in? Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and is the most Northren city in Canada,because it is at the same laditude as Hamburg,Germany.Edmonton is at the center of the provence, also is located in the Interior Plains.
Windsor/Essex county is land elevated a massive
400m high, but we don't notice that because the land is
mainly flat.
The soil type is grey,brown and podzolic which is great for
farming cash crops such as tomatoes,corn,wheat and soybeans.Most
of the vegetation is deciduous The only commonly known river is the
Detroit River.It runs all the way from Lake Erie to
Lake Huron. The drainage basin for the majority of Ontairo
is the Atlantic Ocean Drainage. Edmonton has a enormas amount of sunlight annual,
over 2000 hours.
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