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Angelle & Maddie's Prezi

Angelle Robison

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Squirles

Squirrels By: Angelle Robison & Madeleine Brown What is Their Habitat? Their Family? When is Usally Mating Season..... What are Baby Squirrels Like When They are Little..... The Different Types Are..... A squirrel in the wild Their Habitat is.... They Eat...... Pictures of Squirrels.... What Do They Drink? What Do They Eat? Both meat and plants, but mainly eat plants. They mostly eat nuts, seeds, and fruit. Their they also eat large bones, lettuce, twigs, and leaves. but a squirrels favorite food is acorns. Squirrles drink fresh water.they also smash and tare open fruits and drink the juice fro the fruit. A squirrel eating corn A squirrel in the tree Squirrels usually mate in the late winter.The male squirrels will have more than one mate at time, and chase female squirrels at he top of trees at top speed. Baby squirrels usually come in the spring. They is mostly 1-2 ounces each when they are born, they are also born blind and without fur. Theirs usually four in a litter the mother will keep the youngest in the nest to nurse it back to heath which is usually 8-10 weeks, and the mother holds the baby squirrel in their mouth to carry them around. The Eastern Gray
The Fox Squirrel
The Kaipab Squirrel
The Douglas Squirrel
The Red Squirrel
The Pine Squirrel
The Japanese Squirrel
The Persian Squirrel
And of course The western Gray Squirrel They live in the northern hemisphere. They usually like up in the forks of the trees. They also sometimes live in the holes in the trees. A squirrel drinking from a bird bath
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