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Marilyn Flores "Krystaalized"


Gustavo David Espinoza

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Marilyn Flores "Krystaalized"

Marilyn Flores "Krystaalized" Marilyn Flores also known as Krystaalized, she is a Dancer, Actress, Model, Singer and Partnership with YouTube. Krystaalized has made something of herself, she inspires so much people to do what she does. She herself is still learning Hip Hop. She does Hip-Hop, Shuffling, Melbourne Shuffle, Jump Style, Hip-Rolling, Dubstep, Krumping, Popping and many more other dances. She continues to inspire people. Krystaalized does YouTube videos too, as in Dance videos or videos to entertain you. I personally watch her videos to make me feel good and to learn dances from her. She is an inspiration. How Marilyn Flores got her nickname a Dj gave her the nickname Crystalized, but she change the Letter "C" to a "K" and added double "A's" to make Krystaalized. Her nickname is unique because she herself came up with it. Krystaalized as also came out on Dog With A Blog as a cheerleader. When she came out on Tv all I could see on Twitter was "@Krystaalized you came out on tv on Dog With A Blog" Krystaalized was happy she would tweet to them back asking them to take a picture of her so she could see. Krystaalized I think is more of a well known person and of what she does, she has these talents that she likes showing people what she can do. I think she likes meeting her fans and the people she inspires to dance or to make something of themselves. Shes their inspiration to dance. Krystaalized wants to be known as the girl with the light brown hair tips and maroon colored lips. Krystaalized also has her logo stickers that look like a crystal with a heart shape in the middle. When Krystaalized does videos sometimes she does them with H!labeat and her friends. You know she isnt the only one she includes her friends in what she is doing. Krystaalized likes to entertain people and making them laugh. When she does her YouTube videos they are there to inspire you by the way she dances and how she moves, or when she does entertainment videos to watch. When Krystaalized does YouTube Videos she doesn't just do dance videos she does "Have You Ever" videos as in Have you ever did something embarrassing? have you ever fell in public? She does challenges to like Cinnamon Challenge the Chubby Bunny Challenge. Krystaalized likes to dress with style and I think she has a unqiue way of dressing. When Krystaalized doesn't make videos is because she's busy doing other things like shes sick or shes doing a show. Krystaalized has huge cheeks like literally they are big, when she does YouTube videos she mentions how chubby her cheeks are. When people make dance videos of them shuffling or dancing hip hop or some sort of dance. They give her a shoutout like to my idol "Krystaalized" There are songs that feature Krystaalized voice in them like Kreation "Black Diamond" When Krystaalized dances she sometimes wears a Jabbawockeez mask. Just like the real Jabbawockeez did when they performed in ABDC Americas Best Dance Crew Krystaalized when she does videos they aren't all i the same place she does them in different places. You can follow krystaalized on
Twitter @MarilynFlores @Kystaalized
Facebook: Krystaalized
YouTube: Electrobootyhoochie
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