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The Indian Relocation Act

The damage us turds (Americans) caused.

Lexy Philley

on 19 November 2011

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Transcript of The Indian Relocation Act

Indian Relocation Act -What happened before the act? Early in the 19th century, the white settlers were expanding the United States to the South. But there was an obstacle to obtaining more land.. The Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole nations lived in these parts. What the..? Great. This hat smells like a..ahh!
Who the..? Andrew Jackson, who was a hater of the indian tribes, commanded
the U.S. military and defeated a fraction of the Creek nation stealing
22 million acres of their land from southern Gerogia and central Alabama. He then took his troops and invaded the Seminoles territory in Spanish Florida getting more land. We give up! Now
leave us to cry
in shame. :,( Well geezus, they found us! 1814-1818 Jackson negotiated nine out of eleven treaties which gave western land to the Southern tribes for their eastern land. Most of the treaties got signed because the Indians were being bullied to. Word. 1814-1824 The Indians tried keep their land nonviolently and even tried to coexist with the Americans. See how well that worked out? -_- He's smoking. The First Seminole War 1817-1818 The Cherokees used legal means to fight for their land. 1827 & 1831 -The Act Jackson pushed a new piece of legislation called the "Indian Removal Act”. It gave the president power to negotiate removal treaties with Indian tribes living east of the Mississippi. -After the act? Choctaws First to sign removal, most left, some stayed. They eventually were tired of the harrasment, sold their land, and went to the new land. 1830 Seminoles Some were bullied into signing, most thought of the treaty unfair and refused to leave. This caused... 1833 The Second Seminole War Most Seminoles left. The ones who stayed had to fight in... The Third Seminole War Finally the Americans just paid them to leave. 1835-1842 1855-1858 Creeks Signed a treaty in March. 1832 Went crazy. 1835 Secretary of war ordered the removal of the Creeks as a military necessity. 1836 Got the heck out of there. 1837 Chicasaws Signed a treaty that would protect them. Then they took back that promise.. Jerks. 1832 Forced to pay and live on Choctaw land. 1837-1838 Cherokee Lexy Philley is Cherokee :) Signed fraud removal treaty. 1833 Treaty Activated. 1836 Trail of Tears. ..Reminds me of beef jerky.. By 1837, the Jackson administration had removed 46,000 Native American people from their land east of the Mississippi, and had secured treaties which led to the removal of a slightly larger number. Most members of the five southeastern nations had been relocated west, opening 25 million acres of land to white settlement and to slavery.
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