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Three main issues in Scandic's business model

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Grete Kesküla

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Three main issues in Scandic's business model

Scandic Elmia Jönköping
Scandic Portalen Jönköping
Davis Dislers
Grete Kesküla
Gunnar Löfstedt
Noora Mytty
Chen Sun
main issues
in Scandic's business model
Technological trend

Increase in competition

Increase presure on prices

Scandic is not a property owner
Canvas Model: key partners
Renovation costs are divided: 30%:70%
Possible problems
general business strategies of Scandic
Scandic To Go
mobile hotel room that comes to you, wherever you are
18 m2
terrace, two beds, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning


Purpose: to examine strategy and business model of Scandic

focusing on three issues

Third party booking channels

property and landlords

Trends in the industry


-more then 50 years history

- positive financial ratios

- Owned by EQT

- focus on quality and guest service
Increasing dependance on online booking systems

Already 10-15 % of revenue goes to pay booking site's fees
Sister company

May 2014

location, quality, price

Generation Y

experience, exploration, fast service

no problems speaking up

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Tripadvisor
1) Landlords

2) Third party booking channels

3) New trends

Strategic solutions:
further development
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