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Audrey & Kendall W-8 Columbia

Audrey & Kendall W-8 Columbia

Debra Goldstein

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Audrey & Kendall W-8 Columbia

Audrey and Kendall
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Music in Columbia
The traditional music in Columbia is a mixture of
African, Native Indigenous and European. The music is very fast and fun. It just makes you want to get up and dance. The music is very up-beat. As you can see, Colombian music is very exciting.
Traditional Colombian Instruments
There are many Colombian instruments such as: the maracas, saxophone and the guitar. These are all used in traditional Colombian music.
Colombian Musicians
Stages in Colombia
Three famous stages in Colombia that people play on are the Sun Life Stadium, Barranquilla's and the Visual Performing Arts Center.
Pitch Medium
Tempo Allegro
Dynamics Mezzo Forte
Timbre Up beat, fun, excited
Three famous musicians in Colombia are Joe Arroyos, Kaleth Morales and Soraya Cuevas. Joe Arroyos was born June 9, 1994 and he died July 26, 2011 in Colombia. His main instrument was his voice. Kaleth Morales was born June 9, 1994 and he died August 24, 2005 in Columbia, his main instrument was his voice. Soraya Cuevas was born March 11, 1969 and died May 10, 2006 in Columbia, her main instrument was her voice.
The geography in Colombia is mainly tropical so there are many bodies of water including oceans, lakes and rivers. There are many mountains in the center of the country. Colombia is run by a democracy and they choose one president every four years.
Traditional Music in Colombia
Traditional Colombian music sound is very modern. It is very fast and it makes you want to dance. The sound is mostly salsa music so it is up beat and fun.
Ceremonies in Colombia
There are many special ceremonies in Colombia for holidays and and parties. A special day in Colombia is New Years. The people dance and party all night long. Another special ceremony in Colombia is Christmas day where all the people spend time with their families and go to parties.
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