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Hurricanes/severe weathers

No description

EthanY Panther

on 21 April 2017

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Transcript of Hurricanes/severe weathers

Tornadoes/severe weathers safety
What are they
They are big storms but this not my real topic I will tell you how to survive because you might need to !
Survival Kit
You need things to survive here is some important things
By Ethan Yan
=A first aid kit
=Battery powered radio
=flashlight with spare batteries
=three gal of water
=canned or packaged foods
=blanket or sleeping bag
=change of clothing
Safe places and not safe places
blanket or sleeping bag
not near windows like bathroom in the bathtub
basement of sturdy built house
fridge if you don't have any of the above
Not safe
Trailers or cars
Survival kit
Both need same things to survive
Forms on land near midwest
(kansas, okhalhoma)
Forms near water
and near east
Did you know
Tornadoes are the most violent storms formed by thunderstorms
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