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New Harmony

No description

david noh

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of New Harmony

New Harmony
By David Noh

Old Harmany
Before New Harmony was created, the town was originally called "Harmony" by George Rapp the owner of Harmony, and the people was called The Harmonists. But soon they moved to back to Pennsylvania and built a town called town of "Economy" near Pittsburgh to thrive as they did on this area. And was sold to Robert Owen, who was a wealthy industrialist and made his wealth by textile mills in Scotland. But both wanted equality and were one of the first utopian communities.
The town had the first library to ever be free to the public and had more technical advances than any other cities or towns as they thrived in the industrial revolution. It was a site of one of the first headquarters of Geoligical Survey and gave the earliest geoligical and natural science collections. And became one of the most important research and education centers of geology in America at the time.
The town are famous for their art as they have modern day art and gardens as they have fantastic artistic abilities.
The town at its current condition has many restored buildings, museums, and only about 1,000 people live there.
This town wasn't just an ordinary town as it had equality that both men and woman had the same rights, and the first town to ever have a public school and kindergarten schools that has both boys and girls together. They removed the social class and personal wealth so men and woman can be equal as it can corrupt the community.
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