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At ako'y inanod

loslosa btaw aning report fret

Christine Marjorie Salvatore

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of At ako'y inanod

At Ako'y Inanod Marcel Navarra Characters Loloy Pepita Sonia
Risa Kuya ni Pepita Setting isang gabi sa Letoile Parlor Plot When the two boys met at the Letoil Parlor but Loloy,instead of greeting his bestfriend, looked down like a sign of shamefulness to him after they have met each others eyes. Conflict Suspense Loloy started to write a letter narrating what really happened to him and that the letter could answer why he went far away from his bestfriend whom he calls Kid. Loloy started to narrate first in the letter on how they two became bestfriends, he stated there his weakness to women's flirtatious actions towards him and his bestfriend's fear of them. Kid advised him to stay away from them for him to avoid temptation but due to his stubbornness he disobeyed him and because of that disobedience they didn't have time to do what they usually do together in school but they would still go out together at night, go to movie theaters together while smoking some cigars. He also frequently visits his bestfriend's parents whom he call "Tiyo and Tiya" and his Tiya would enthusiastically listen to his story-telling session using some books printed in Bisaya. Because of his fondness of reading he also has the talent to write but unfortunately stopped because he prioritizes his girls than his talent. climax One day, while he was in Kid's house, a girl named Pepita suddenly sat in front of him and asked "Loloy, nkaramdam ka na ng. . . tunay na pag-ibig" and it took him a while to respond to it because he saw in Pepita's eyes what she felt for him. Pepita walked out from his sight after he stupidly answered her question. One morning in July, Loloy tried to look for his bestfriend but saw Pepita instead and asked her where Kid was at. Pepita answered him coldly which caused him to ask if she was mad at him. Pepita did not answer it and ran towards the house leading upstairs. When he finally got there with her he asked her again if she was mad at him and this what Pepita answered: Denouement "Galit ako sayo Loloy, galit! Kung marunong ka lang sanang umunawa, di ako magagalit. Minahal kita, ngunit di mo ako iniibig. Bakit, di ba ako nararapat sa'yo? Di ba ako kapantay nina Sonia, Ester, Fe, Prospera, at Risa sa ganda at talino? Sino ka ba na ayaw umibig sa akin? may araw din, Loloy, ikaw ang magagalit at maiinggit sa akin. Magsisisi ka rin, magsisisi!" After Pepita's love confession to Loloy. Loloy was strucked by this sudden emotion. His weakness; a woman. Because of that confession, Loloy was carried away of the emotion and had the urge to kiss her. He wanted to run and escape from that scene but he felt that it was useless, so they did 'the thing' and he saw that Pepita smiled. After that shameful moment of Loloy, he said to himself that his bestfriend will soon to know why he had hid himself for the past few months. POV First Person POV Style Flashback Theme Women:
weakness of some men
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