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Unseen Poetry

No description

Elizabeth Moss

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Unseen Poetry

UNSEEN POETRY Take down these notes: Title: examine the title. What does it suggest to you about the poem? What feelings does the poem give you? Sadness? Anger? Happiness?

Can you empathise with the poet and/or his or her situation? Language features: Imagery (word picture) Simile comparison (using 'like' or 'as') Metaphor comparison (without using 'like' or 'as') Personification (giving human characteristics to something nonhuman) Sound Effects: Does it rhyme? Alliteration? Onomatopoeia? Assonance? Who is the speaker?
Look for I, me, you, etc. ONE QUESTION FROM A BULLET
I want to give up being a bullet
I’ve been a bullet too long
I want to be an innocent coin in the hand of a child and be squeezed through the slot of a bubblegum machine
I want to give up being a bullet
I’ve been a bullet too long
I want to be a good luck seed lying idle in somebody’s pocket or some ordinary little stone on the way to becoming an earring or just lying there unknown among a crowd of other ordinary stones.
I want to give up being a bullet
I’ve been a bullet too long
The question is
Can you give up being a killer?

John Agard Who is the speaker in this poem?

Who is the speaker speaking to? The Bullet doesn’t want to be a bullet anymore.Name 2 things it wants to be and, from your reading of the poem, explain why the bullet wants to be these things. My Dad is Amazing!

My dad’s amazing for he can:
Make mountains out of molehills,
Teach Granny to suck eggs,
Make Mum’s blood boil
And then drive her up the wall.
My dad’s amazing for also he:
Walks around with his head in the clouds,
Has my sister eating out of his hand,
Says he’s got eyes in the back of his head
And can read me like a book.
But, The most amazing thing of all is:
When he’s caught someone red-handed,
First he jumps down their throat
And then he bites their head off!
Ian Souter What effect does the Dad in the poem have on the Mum? If you were an artist and you were asked to illustrate one stanza from this poem, which stanza would you choose? Give reasons for your choice. According to this poem, what is the most amazing thing of all about the Dad? Why is it the most amazing thing about him? Would you describe this poem as mainly: amusing or descriptive or childish? Homework:
Write a poem about your favorite family member or friend.
Must be 8 lines long.
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