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Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums

No description

kelton mccoy

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums

Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums
The characters are Joe and Frank Hardy, Chet, Biff, Tony, and the bad guys that were stealing stuff.
Frank and Joe get invited to a friends party. They go and as they are getting there people in black and on motorcycles fly past. Frank and Joe follow them and almost catch them but they get away in a boat. Minutes later cops pull up and say that they had robbed the bank. Then after the party they go home and at about three in the morning receive a call from Chet's mom saying he hadn't come home after the party. They go looking for them and find out that they were kidnapped the kidnappers had mistaken Chet and Biff for Frank and Joe. They go out in their boat and look for them in a little town they find some suspicious people but no Chet and Biff. They go to a store after their boat was stolen and find that some fancy Gps systoms didn't show up in an order.They keep looking for a few days and go onto an Island. They get told to get off by a man holding a shotgun. They get a call from the chief of police telling them to come to his office. They go and tell the police about the man with the shotgun and he tells them that he wants them to help him they do and he tells them that the hermit that had lived on the island had died months ago they go back and all of them get caught by the kidnappers. they get free and catch the crooks. They also find that they had stolenb the missing GPs systems.
The Hardy Boys:
Frank and Joe keep trying to look for clues and in the end catch the crooks.
The problem in this story is that the bank got robbed and frank and joe find that two G.P.S systems are missing.
Why you would want to read this book.
I think you should read this book because I think you would really li
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