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Martina Haering

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Summary_Strategic

Double click anywhere & add an idea Summary Chapter 16:
International Production and Sourcing Production and Sourcing
are important activities of MNCs Increasing number of multi-stage
production processes
all over the world Sharp increase of internationalization of sourcing activities mainly to low-cost countries such as Eastern Europe, China and India over the last years
high pressure for cost reduction in industrialized countries
innovative technologies assist in making cross-border transactions easier
trade constitutes
a high share
of total trade
in the world Trend of Re-relocation of Production activities back to home-country Chapter 17:
International Research & Development Increase in internationalization of R&D activities
Diverse market needs
International competition
Rise in the number of R&D alliances to realize synergies Challenge to organize different R&D units
all over the world and
to align R&D activities with other company activities (Marketing, Manufacturing, etc.) At the same time trend of recentralization of R&D activities Integrated R&D network most efficient model Chapter 18:
International Marketing Key question:
Standardisation or local adaptation of marketing mix? In reality:
mostly a middle course of standardization and adaptation is applied Level of local responsiveness differs among the marketing mix instruments Due to interrelatedness of marketing mix, decisions on elements of the marketing mix cannot be taken separately Thank you! feel free to join!
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