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The Hunger Games: Class and Poverty

No description

Riley Whalen

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Games: Class and Poverty

Class Structure of District 12
Katniss lives in the Seam; people often starve because of food shortages. It is a very poor region.
Many work in the mines. Residents of the town, however, are well cared for and are the highest social class in the District.
Everyone in Panem, except for the Capitol, experiences some form poverty.
It is very unfair for the outlying districts to sacrifice so much, even though they have so little.
Class Struggles
The Capitol in the Hunger Games mocks our sosciety's obsseions with outer beauty, reality tv, and the gap between the wealthy and the poor. The extreme fashion statments made by those who live in the Capitol are similar to those of the ones celebrities make at televized events.
Beauty and TV
The extreme fashion statments made by those who live in the Capitol are similar to those of the ones celebrities make at televized events.The Hunger Games are an exaggeration of the reality TV shows that our world is wrapped up in.
In The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, he writes, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of the class struggle.”
Hitherto is as adverb with the definition: “until now or until the point in time under discussion.”
Class and Social Structure
The distinction between the classes within District 12 alone are easily seen.

Throughout all of Panem, all of the Districts, with the exception of the Capitol, are treated as inferior by the government.
The Hunger Games: Class and Poverty
By Jen, Riley, Ethan
Peacekeepers are the oppressive members of the government that watch over the districts. They have complete freedom and do not struggle in any aspect.
Wealth and Poverty
The Capitol has all of the money, food, and resources. Most governments in oue world control all of the same items.
Quote Explained
Class Struggle
When one class exploits another class.
When the Capitol collects all the resources from the districts, they are exploiting each one of them. District 12 does not keep or use any of the coal it mines; it all goes to the Capitol. The Capitol contains and controls everything.
There is a resistance to class exploitation by the exploited class. Katniss is the face of this resistance before she even knows she is. The Districts defend against the Capitol by using the mocking jay symbol commonly found in the book.
"The important distinction between these economic classes is how they are treated by other members of their society and by the government" (Hepworth 2).
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