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Seeds and, Spores

Seed types and advantages

Brittany BArnum

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Seeds and, Spores

Seeds and Spores And seed types A seed is made up of 3 parts.
The Young plant, stored food, and a seed coat that surroungs and protecte=s the plant There are 2 tpes of seed plants. Gymnosperm-Plants without flowers
3.Cyads(Tropic plants)
4Gnetophytes(Shrubs in dry area's Angiosperms-Seed plants with flowers
Most common plant type with about 235,000 species. There are also 2 classes. Monocots and Dicots. The two classes differ by the number of cotyledon's. Cotyledon---The seed leaves found inside a seed.
Monocots has 1
Dicots have 2 Spores are small reproductive cells protected by a thick cell wall. This is the asexual form of reproduction in a fungi QUIZ TIME!!! The 3 parts of a seed are Young plant, seed coat and ______ ____ Stored Food Stored Food Conifers are part of which seed group? GGymnosperms Gymnosperms Spores are the _______ reproducton for _____ Asexual and Fungi Which plant group is more common? Gymnosperms or Angiosperms? Angiosperms
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