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Primary prevention of diseases associated with lack of movement

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Rinat Anuarbekov

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Primary prevention of diseases associated with lack of movement

Double click anywhere & add an idea Public association "Generation" Represents a major campaign “Get a live – get a bike” Aimed at Primary prevention of diseases associated with lack of movement The idea of the campaign arose from the publication of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan's annual report on the health of the population. According to data provided by the Ministry, there is a negative trend in the increase in mortality from cardiovascular and neoplastic diseases, increase yield on primary disability. Among the causes of these processes, the burden of physical degradation, lack of motivation in the sport.
Our target group

The population of Astana city, regardless of age, sex, social status and the presence of diseases (700 000)
•Promotion of healthy lifestyle among the population of Kazakhstan
•Reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and their complications
• Raise public awareness about the benefits of cycling
• Increase the number of people committed to cycling
• to attract public attention and government to the problems of healthy lifestyle
Measures of our campaign Goals: Targets: For qualitative assessment, we conducted:
1. sociological survey (interviews with people of different groups in schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, shops, eating places) on the use of bicycles (frequency, purpose)
2. Calculations.
The population of Astana city is 700 000.
Number of people using bicycles to 37 000.
Of these 5000 children, 4000 people use bicycles to move constantly in the warm season, 33000 - periodically
The outcome of the campaign will Describe the campaign The basic idea - to increase the number of persons committed to cycling.
What gives cycling?
-trains and strengthens the heart and blood vessels, trains general endurance. You'll be less tired at work, will wake up rested;
- Increasing the number of inhaled air, due to the fact that you are outdoors each organ (and brain included), gets the blood nutrients, the metabolism is adjusted;
- Trains and strengthens leg muscles: formed relief (shape) and simultaneously increases endurance of muscles;
- Improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
- The vestibular apparatus and such important quality as coordination perfectly trains;
- Looking into the distance - prevention of visual impairment (reading focus all the time on the subject closely spaced - this is one of the causes of myopia);
- Remember how much we want to eat after a bicycle trip? The emergence of appetite - a sign of active metabolism;
- Bicycling is useful for smokers - because of deep breathing is cleansing the lungs of nicotine and tar;
- Increases the body's ability to fight against infections (immunity);
Statistics show that those who regularly spend their free time riding a bicycle at 70% less sick in the winter grip and cold. According to unofficial sources, cycling promotes curing of diseases associated with defects of speech, from stuttering.
Do not forget that ride on a children's bicycle for a child lays the foundation for his health in the future.
Arrangements: The campaign is held in Astana, on the Left Bank May 1, 2010 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Initially, between the city government and the public association "Generation" signed a memorandum on the campaign. A timeline covering road traffic and the organization of the points distribution bike, attributes, and water.
By the campaign brought the two partners - bicycle team of Kazakhstan "Astana" and public organization "Association of athletes Astana
Agreements with funders - the producers of bicycles "Pioneer" and "Salute" to the allocation of the budget.
For coverage in the media attracted leading television, radio and press.

Will Attract 2,500 volunteers.
For the campaign were produced informational brochures, circulation 250,000, commercials for television and radio - a total of 30 hours of airtime, newspaper articles (15).
A month before the rally in public places, distributed leaflets and the media highlighted the challenges of chronic diseases, the benefits of cycling.
For the motivation of becoming a bike, companies producing bicycles and their providers have been reduced rents and sales prices by 10-20%.
In most neighborhoods, schools, colleges, universities and stadiums were organized free training.
During the month registration was by phone, internet and organizational points.
A week before the start of the campaign, the media publish information about the time and the Mass of the action, as well as a message on the temporary blocking of roads.
Direct conduct of the action: May 1, at 9-45 overlap the central streets of the left bank of Astana
From 8-00 - the distribution of bicycles and T-shirts the protesters.
Cyclists start at 10 - 00 for the three streams, by the end of the second hour of cyclists organized by a single column on the central square.
The action covers the television reporter and journalists
A cost and a financing plan An evaluation test Upon completion of the action plan re-interviewing people for use of bicycles, will collect the information on the number of users to rent bicycles and bike buyers.
There will be tracked the dynamics of the population to increase physical activity in the aspect class cycling.
The data will be correlated with the annual number of reported cases of cardiovascular disease, the complications and deaths.
Long-term ambitions of the campaign are to reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease by 3-5% annually.
Public associations are established on the initiative of youth organizations in the city of Astana in 2008.The main activities are aimed at attracting people to a healthy lifestyle.
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