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Adrian Buck

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Women

Gender hierarchy in Ecotopia and the USA

-Men and women are full equal in society
-The political leader from Ecotopia is a woman
-The survivalist party is a women dominated organization
-women are in control of relationship
-They decide in kids education

Man in the USA
-In the traditional family men is the leader

*He earns (all) the money
*He don't have to cook or to clean
*Responsible for external contacts
*Strong, rational, aggressive

Women in the USA
-In the traditional family she plays a minor role

*Depending on a male person (father, husband)
*Responsible for the social ties within the relationship and family
*taking care of the kids

Women in USA
-In a modern family men and women are basically equal

*Women are not dependent on men
*Women also go to work
*Women are not subordinate in a relationship
*They can do almost every job that men can do

-Women still get less money then men
-There are still more men in leading positions as women

Thank you for your attention
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